Applicants Named for Eastern and Western District Positions

As Dean Kearney observed in an earlier post, I am chairing the Federal Nominating Commission that is reviewing applications for the United States Attorney post in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.  Dean Ken Davis of Wisconsin is chairing a counterpart commission that is reviewing applications for a federal judgeship in the Western District.  Both sets of applications were due yesterday.  The list of U.S. Attorney applicants is here, and the list of judicial applicants is here.  Both groups include many individuals with impressive professional credentials.  I think the people of Wisconsin should be pleased that so many well-qualified applicants have indicated an interest in these important positions of public service.  If members of the public would like to comment on the qualifications of any of the applicants, they may send letters to Adam C. Korbitz, Government Relations Coordinator, State Bar of Wisconsin, 5302 Eastpark Boulevard, P.O. Box 7158, Madison, WI 53707-7158.

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