Thoughts on the Iowa Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision

First, let me thank Prof. Slavin for inviting me to contribute to the blog.  I shall try not to be dull, and in that effort, I begin my blogging stint with a controversial topic, the Iowa Supreme Court’s recent decision striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

My take on same-sex marriage begins with my personal experiences with same-sex couples, and homosexuals in general.  If the law treats them like second-class citizens, and my experience shows me that this is just not right, then I look to the law to make sense of why this treatment must be so.  And I cannot find the justification.

The first time I met someone I knew to be gay was in the Navy.  I met many during my service.  On our boat, the presence of gay sailors was open and notorious, and no one cared.  They did their jobs and stood their watches; nothing else mattered.  It was the same on shore.  

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