Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Shirin Ebadi’s Private Offices Raided

You may be interested to know that the Iranian government’s harassment of Shirin Ebadi continues.   As I posted about last week, the offices of a human rights organization she leads were recently raided and shut down.  Now authorities have raided her private offices, asserting that they are conducting a tax-investigation.  Dr. Ebadi “told CNN last week that she had the proper licenses to practice law and had stamps showing she was up to date on her taxes.”

From the CNN report:

Last week’s raids shut Ebadi’s Center for the Defense of Human Rights and another charity that aids land mine victims. A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry told the state news agency IRNA that the organizations did not have legal work permits.

“There is now grave danger to both Dr. Ebadi, who fears an imminent arrest, and to her many human rights clients, whose basic human rights and lawyer/client privileges have been compromised by this seizure of their confidential files,” Williams wrote. “Dr. Ebadi is deeply concerned that the lives of many dozens of people are now in jeopardy as a result of yesterday’s illegal raid.”

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