New Issue of Marquette Sports Law Review

Congratulations to the editors and staff of the Marquette Sports Law Review for producing Volume 19, No. 1 (Fall 2008), which is an excellent symposium issue on “Doping in Sports: Legal and Ethical Issues.” Information about how to obtain a copy of this issue is avaiable here. The symposium issue includes the following:


Federal Labor Law Obstacles to Achieving a Completely Independent Drug Program in Major League Baseball, Robert D. Manfred, Jr

Corruption: Its Impact on Fair Play, Richard H. McLaren

Dopers Are Not Duped: USADA’s Assistance to Federal Prosecutions Ultimately Protecting Clean Athletes Is not State Action, Sarah L. Horvitz, Travis Tygart & Paul A. Turbow

The International Convention Against Doping in Sport: Is it the Missing Link to USADA Being a State Actor and WADC Coverage of U.S. Pro Athletes?, Michael Straubel

From Medals to Morality: Sportive Nationalism and the Problem of Doping in Sports, Dionne L. Koller

Are We All Dopes? A Behavior Law & Economics Approach to Legal Regulation of Doping in Sports, Shayna M. Sigman

The Immaculate Deception: How the Holy Grail of Protectionism Led to the Great Steroid Era, Eldon L. Ham

Which Washington: Constitutions in Conflict?, Jonathan F. Duncan & Kristina V. Giddings

The Body and the Law: How Physiological and Legal Obstacles Combine to Create Barriers to Accurate Drug Testing, Genevieve F.E. Birren & Jeremy C. Fransen

Fall of the Rocket: Steroids in Baseball and the Case Against Roger Clemens, Daniel Healey

A Call for Drug-Testing of High School Student-Athletes, Scott A. Andresen

2008 Joseph E. O’Neil Award Acceptance Speech, Honorable Anne Burke

Asterisk: *Home Runs, Steroids, and the Rush to Judgment, Will Pridemore

Sports Law in Law Reviews and Journals, Brian C. Hartley

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