Just a Thank You

This semester, I am offering a new course in Election Law. It’s work in progress, but one of the things that I have tried to do is bring in speakers from the local political world to react to the material we have covered. So far, students have heard from Jim Troupis, a nationally renowned expert on redistricting and Madison based lawyer to Republicans, and Mike Tate, currently chair of the state Democratic Party and, even at what seems to me to be his impossibly young age, a very seasoned political operative with a strikingly broad range of experience , i.e., a pretty good example of a client for election  lawyers.

Both Mike and Jim were extraordinarily candid and I believe that what happens in Room 210 stays in Room 210.  So I will simply say that both enhanced our educational experience. The purpose of this post is simply to thank them and to let them know that their MULS pens are in the mail.

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