International Law in U.S. Foreign Policymaking: Prof. Jeffrey Bergner to Speak at Marquette on Jan. 23

A well-designed foreign policy is essential to U.S. national interests, including our security and economic performance. Few, however, have the opportunity directly to witness and influence the process of creating foreign policy. Next Wednesday, January 23, Professor Jeffrey Bergner will visit the Law School to share his insights on that process. A former Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, Staff Director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Chief of Staff to former Senator Richard Lugar, Professor Bergner has extensive foreign policy experience and a rare, insider’s understanding of how the United States conducts foreign relations. He will discuss topics such as the influence of international law on U.S. policy and the roles of the President and Congress in this domain. All are welcome to attend. The discussion will begin at 12:10 in Room 257, and lunch will be provided by the International Law Society.

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