Third Annual ERISA, Employee Benefits, and Social Insurance National Conference

This has been a busy semester for the Labor and Employment Law Program at Marquette University Law School.  In addition to the Speaker Series I wrote about yesterday, we are also honored to be hosting the Third Annual ERISA, Employee Benefits and Social Insurance National Conference (program at this link) on March 28, 2014 (this follows  wonderful ERISA conferences at Washington University Law and Michigan Business the two previous years).

To say we have an embarrassment of riches does not quite capture the remarkable array of papers that are to be presented.  When you add a terrific luncheon keynote speaker in the person of Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Employee Benefit Security Administration Phyllis Borzi, the cool factor (even for ERISA) is off the charts.

Panels include papers on ERISA claim and plan issues, the Affordable Care Act and ERISA, the future of public pension plans and other non-ERISA pension plans here and abroad, bankruptcy issues surrounding pensions and other legacy costs, and emerging challenges for social insurance and pension programs.

Should be a great program!

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  1. Dave Stevens

    Looking forward to it. I agree, it looks like a great program!

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