Welcome January Bloggers!

A new year and a new month have started.  That means it is time to welcome our guest bloggers for the month of January.

Steven Wah is our Student Blogger this month. He is currently a student in the part-time program.  Steven started at Marquette in the Fall of 2011 and hopes to graduate in the Spring of 2016. Steven is a Senior Tax Manager at General Electric and a graduate of their Financial Management Program and Corporate Audit Staff. His experiences with GE have included banking in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries, internal audit investigation, establishing accounting and risk policies, and due diligence related to various acquisitions. Steven and his wife, Heather, have one daughter and live in Wauwatosa. Upon graduation, he plans to stay with GE as internal tax counsel and support child advocacy needs in Southeast WI.

Jason Roberts is our Alumni Blogger for January.  He is a Legal Analyst with Thomson Reuters in Portland, Oregon. Jason is a proud 2010 graduate of the Law School.  His area of expertise is global value added tax determination and compliance. He also is a part-time faculty instructor at Portland Community College, where, among other topics, he teaches tattoo artists about licensure and other legal issues relevant to the tattoo industry.

Welcome, and we look forward to your posts.

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