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Despite my best intentions, I’m about to break the promise I made in my last post (and what better way to celebrate an election than by breaking a pre-election promise?).  I thought about whether I could do another Malcolm Gladwell post, based on his latest piece, but haven’t quite been able to find an angle on that that I like.  And so, it’s back to the judicial processI’ve posted a “tentative draft” of my course materials on SSRN.  As I note in the abstract, these materials are a work in progress, and are surely incomplete in many important respects.  I welcome all feedback concerning how they might be improved.

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2 thoughts on “Judicial Process Course Materials”

  1. I’m glad you put this together. Even though (or, more accurately, because) I’m not in your class, I had tried to get this via your TWEN site but alas discovered that the syllabus didn’t identify the course assignments. This should also reassure you that there’s interest here from students as well; so much so that I wanted to do a little reading on my own. This is helpful for, as Professor O’Meara likes to say, those of us following along at home.

  2. Like Nathan, I too have been following along at home. And I look forward to soon hearing of a bound, hardcover version that includes excerpts from the cases and other materials.

    Also, depending on the scope of your project – and whether you plan to examine other factors that a judge considers while reasoning through cases – you might want to include material such as Judge Kozinski’s article on how to lose an appeal: http://notabug.com/kozinski/loseappeal

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