Civil Procedure Fun for the Weekend

I like to begin the first day of Civil Procedure with a review of a civil action and I like to start each class with a brief recap of the last one. This year – for my review of my review – I found a musical recap – apparently made by students at that law school just to the west of us. There are some substantive problems. For example, there is no consideration of subject matter jurisdiction (“he’s from Chicago/we have diversity”) and a direct or third party claim against the law school would not be an “interpleader” – but, hey, its Madison. What can we expect when the issue isn’t Foucaultian perspectives on the gender violence implicit in the Rule Against Perpetuities? (Just kidding!) The group also apparently did not regard the ability to carry a tune to be necessary to star in a music video, but that’s kind of charming. In any event, I thought it was cute. My students seem to enjoy it – at least a little. The question for all you: Can our Dean sing better than their Dean?

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  1. Tom Kamenick

    I enjoyed that very much. I also recognized one of my interns, haha. I’m going to enjoy this.

  2. Mike Fairbanks

    Hilarious.. I enjoyed watching. Good job.

  3. Dan Sperling

    1.) We had a deadline
    2.) We know we can’t sing
    3.) Nobody at Marquette can do better
    4.) We were 3Ls. Do you seriously expect us to look up the difference between “Impleader,” and “Interpleader”?

  4. Peter R Heyne

    Regarding 3.): Marquette can do better.

    Regarding 4.): With not just one, but two, required semesters of CivPro, that strict class attendance policy that we hear about pays off, no?

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