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I’ve recently launched Life Sentences Blog (, in which I intend to track new legal developments and research relating to long prison sentences.  Here’s how I explain my interests in the “About” page:

I am using this blog as a way to organize new information and ideas about sentencing and related topics, and to do a little “thinking out loud.” If the blog is also helpful to others, then so much the better. Since there are already a number of outstanding blogs that track sentencing and criminal law, the reader may be interested to know my particular areas of focus: federal sentencing law (especially Seventh Circuit), Wisconsin sentencing law, life without parole, post-conviction remedies, prisoner rights, victim rights, prisoner reentry, restorative justice, punishment theory, drug crime, history of crime and punishment, and the psychology of punishment and blaming. The questions that most interest me right now relate to the use of long prison terms (say, twenty years and up)–why do we use this type of punishment, when is it appropriate, how is its use structured by the law, how is long-term imprisonment experienced by inmates, and so forth.

I hope to have fresh posts up most days — at least until final exam season rolls around.

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  1. As a criminal defense lawyer, I have a keen interest in cases involving long prison sentences. We keep our blog up to date with not only cases in Ohio, but as federal criminal defense attorneys, we have our ear to the ground nationally as well.

    We have some great articles for criminal defense related materials in our blog at, and we welcome student interaction.

    I hope to see some more activity here!

    Joe Scott
    Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney

  2. Thanks for sharing the information about new cases on life sentences for juveniles. Please share more updates regarding juveniles and the law.

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