Marquette NAAC Team Advances to Quarterfinals

NAACAfter three rounds of oral argument at the National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC) regional in New York City this weekend, Marquette University Law School students Brett Schnepper (3L) and Adam Koenings (3L) were 3-0 and seeded eighth out of 49 teams.  Schnepper and Koenings advanced to the quarterfinals, but unfortunately lost a very close match to another team. Annie Halverson-Piron was also a member of the team. Attorneys Jesse Blocher and Michael Cerjak coached Schnepper and Koenings.

Bailey Briggs (3L) and Jenna Leslie (3L) also competed in the New York regional competition, facing tough competition.  Their team was coached by attorneys Alyssa Dowse and Lindsey Johnson.  Professor Lisa Mazzie is the faculty advisor for both teams.

The NAAC is sponsored by the American Bar Association Law Student Division.

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