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When I left my last exam of the fall semester, one of my classmates commented that we were now halfway to becoming lawyers. This comment made me reflect on my experience in law school and think about what it means to be half-a-lawyer.

I describe my law school experience as tough but worthwhile. The first semester of classes were a whirlwind of inquiry, excitement, and worry. However, upon reflection, I know I have truly benefitted from learning in an environment with so many intelligent people. There is always a person to bounce ideas off of and a person to learn from. It is great to be challenged as it encourages me to strive to do my best work.

As a result, even when it seems hard, I have not regretted my decision. I have attempted to take part in as many experiences as I can in order to make my attendance at law school worthwhile. I have been involved in extracurricular organizations that allow me to make connections outside of the law school. I competed in competitions in Negotiation and Mediation and will be competing in a regional competition for the law school in February. I worked hard to juggle Intellectual Property Law Review and the best Appellate Writing Advocacy course ever. My law school career has demonstrated to me that I have the capacity to do great things. I am thankful for finding my confidence again. It is a privilege to attend law school in an environment that is supportive and conducive for learning.

It is this experience that makes me feel positive about my status as half-a-lawyer. It is badge of honor that all of my 2Ls should wear proudly as we have completed an intense year-and-a-half of training for our future career. Being half-a-lawyer means that we can reason carefully, we can write, and we can be an asset to future employers. Unfortunately, it also means we still cannot give legal advice.

Nevertheless, it is helpful to know that there is still time to improve ourselves so that we become the best lawyers we can be. Looking forward I hope to continue to challenge myself to grow to become an excellent attorney. I also would like to manage the “work-life balance.”

I know it is only just the beginning, but there is bright future ahead for us all.

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