Kettle Moraine Kids, Compared to the World

You could expect students in the Kettle Moraine school district to do well. The communities served by the district in western Waukesha County are generally doing well economically, parents are involved and expect good results, and the school leaders and staff are talented professionals.

But what does “do well” mean? Compared to whom? Neighboring districts? Wisconsin? The nation?

How about the world?

Kettle Moraine has been an eager participant in a small, but growing movement that involves samples of 15-year-olds taking a test called the OECD Test for Schools. It yields comparisons of individual schools to students in nations around the world. The test also includes a set of questions that yield potentially insightful information for school leaders on the perspectives of students about the learning environment they find, both at school and elsewhere.

I was asked by editors of Education Next, a widely-followed national magazine and Web site, to write about Kettle Moraine’s involvement with the OECD Test.

The story can be found by clicking here and will be in  the issue of Education Next to be published in coming weeks.

And the answer  to the question of how Kettle Moraine kids are doing? The answer, in short, is quite well, but there’s room for improvement.





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  1. Tony Geinzer

    I don’t know if Kettle Moraine is a Wisconsin answer to Bettendorf, but Wisconsin would have no answer to a West Des Moines Valley, as if we needed fresh answers to why the 1st Laquan Treadwell jetted down the Blues Highway 61 to Mississippi here in the Midwest. Does Wisconsin have an answer to Apple Valley or Glenbrook or Forest Hills Central where people and leaves fall and leave at the same dang time? I’d betcha. And if close was what mattered, the apple is closer to Cass Tech, which is second to nothing in aiding and abetting one bad-for-everything when other bad-for-everythings would have cared less about jobs and next hours. And, in apples, I think we are closer to the Lower Country of the Midwest’s Perpetually Rotten Apples of East St. Louis, Des Moines East, and Waterloo East than we like to admit.

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