Any Chance of Protection?

I was inspired to write this post after a lovely conversation with my roommates (for those of you that might not know, by “roomies/roommates” I mean my parents #Living@Home) who were up north skiing over winter break. Essentially, my roomies called me with a very urgent question regarding the law. “Son, it appears they are having us sign a ‘Waiver and Release’ form that is really long, with lots of statements in capital letters that really don’t make any sense. Is there a statute on point that requires companies to use the word NEGLIGENCE in all capital letters over 30,000 times? What do we DO!?!?” asked my confused father. Fresh off my Professor Anzivino contracts exam, I knew exactly how to respond.

“Dad, you guys are in Wisconsin correct?”

“Yes, we are in Wisconsin.”

“Excellent. Dad, Mom, as an aspiring law student, and in order to adhere to the heightened Ethical Code that comes with being a lawyer, please understand I cannot provide any legal advice… but I think you should read the contract and ski away!”

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Marquette Pride

I wanted to start by saying thank you for having me as a student blogger for the last month of this school year. I look forward to writing some thought provoking—yet fun—posts. That being said, I wanted to start with a short post of thanks and congratulations to a certain group of individuals that might not be directly related to “the law,” but still deserve some recognition for their achievements this year. Cheers to you, Coach Buzz Williams and the Marquette men’s basketball team. Wooohoo! What a season.

Now, I understand as law students that not everyone loves basketball or even Marquette for that matter. Everyone has their own interests and fun activities outside the reading and outlining we do daily (ahh, “weekly” sounds more accurate for myself). Additionally, I know everyone went to excellent undergraduate schools and most of you have strong ties to their sports programs. That being said, give credit where credit is due. As Marquette Law Students we still function as members of the Marquette student body, and therefore, should be proud of what the men’s basketball team did this season.

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