2Ls: Now What?

Some 2Ls reading this post are set. They did well in their first year. They went through OCIs and aced their interviews. They were invited for callbacks and were unfailingly charming and polite. They have jobs for next summer, with the prospect of jobs for after graduation. Congratulations to them.

But what about the 2Ls who came out of OCIs with zilch and are wondering what the heck they are supposed to do now? First, don’t panic. I found myself in precisely that situation four years ago, and worked into a great job with a great firm. Whatever your anxiety level (and I remember mine being sky high) you still do have opportunities. Second, don’t be passive about your job search. Sitting around waiting for the jobs to appear on a jobs board is a recipe for disappointment. Here are three active things you can do to improve your chances of success:

1. Get Outside The Building

I cannot overstate the importance of getting away from the law school. While academic accomplishment is necessary, it is not sufficient. Employers, especially small and mid-sized ones, are looking for lawyers who can provide value from day one. The best way to show that you can provide that value is to have done real legal work already. Getting a job as a new attorney is a lot like knocking on somebody’s door and asking them to pay for the privilege of training you. Get some of that training out of the way while you’re in school and you will be a step ahead.

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