Mandatory Meetings in the Workplace

Paul Secunda takes on Wal-Mart in this new commentary for the Legal Times. Along with coauthors Melissa Hart and Marcia McCormick, he criticizes recent mandatory employee meetings at Wal-Mart that have allegedly pushed employees away from supporting the Democratic presidential nominee. They urge other states to follow the lead of New Jersey in adopting a Freedom from Employer Intimidation Act, which makes it unlawful for any employer to force its employees to attend employer-sponsored meetings whose purpose is to discuss the employer’s opinions on religious and political matters.

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  1. Vince Heine

    It looks like the thought police are out on patrol. How dare evil corporation WalMart PAY its employees (I assume they got paid as I could not read the full article) to sit and listen to its one-sided view of politics? It should take on the Marquette School of Law model, where WE PAY the school to hear its one-sided view of politics. After all, the faculty is largely liberal, correct? How about law professors not inserting their personal politics into classrooms? NO WAY!–that would be outrageous!

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