For the Dog People Among Us

There are a number of dog people on the faculty here and within the law school community. Some know that Karen and I recently adopted a new Golden Retriever puppy and have requested photos. I am not about to turn this blog into my refrigerator door, but I can do anything I want on my personal blog and I have self indulgently posted photos there.

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  1. Michael M. O'Hear

    Do you think it would it be a fair generalization to say that dog people vote Republican and cat people vote Democrat? This would be my assessment based on the cat people and dog people I know. (There are exceptions, of course.) And, no, I don’t have any pets myself (unless dust bunnies under the bed count).

  2. Lisa Mazzie Hatlen

    I think that’s a really broad and probably inaccurate generalization. Does that make those of us who are simply “pet people” (I have two dogs and two cats) politically conflicted?

  3. Richard M. Esenberg

    While my inner partisan might like to believe it, I fear it may unduly insult my Democrat friends. While I suspect that Democrats are masochists, I know that cat people are.
    (This would be the place, if I knew how, that I would insert a smiley face to show that I am kidding and to avoid offense.)

    As Lisa points out, the counterexamples abound. (Although we could just call the Hatlens independents!) Paul Secunda, for example, is a Democrat but, not only a dog person, but that special form of dog person who provides a home for Golden Retrievers.

    It may be his one redeeming feature!(Id. on the smiley face thing.)

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