The Kindle as Research Tool

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Westlaw released its new Westlaw Next research platform about a year ago. One of the new features of Westlaw Next is that a person can export research and then read it on the Kindle. A person can also take notes about the research on the Kindle and then print it all out.

The Westlaw representative told my Appellate Writing and Advocacy class about this new feature, and at least one of my students has tried it out with great success. She reported back to the class that she found it easy to read the research on the Kindle and appreciated the ability to take notes and highlight the material.

LexisNexis is considering adding this enhancement to its new Lexis Advance research platform as well. Stay tuned.

I have also heard that lawyers are using the iPad to do online legal research while waiting for court appearances. This seems like a tremendous use of what would otherwise be potentially wasted time.

What other new strategies for research do our readers have?

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