Humor and the Law, Part Four

In honor of April Fools’ Day, the editors of the blog asked the faculty of the Law School to share their favorite examples of legal humor. Every day we will share a different faculty member’s submission.  Today’s submission is from Professor Gordon Hylton.

One day, the devil stopped by the office of a young lawyer.  The lawyer recognized the devil by the smell of brimstone and the pointed tail peeking out from the back of the devil’s waistcoat.  The lawyer sent his staff home early, and once the two of them were alone Old Nick made the barrister an offer:

“I’ll increase your income 5-fold.” the Devil told the young lawyer.  “Your partners will love you.  All of your clients will respect you.  I will make it so that you will have 4 months of vacation each year and you will live to be 100 years old. In addition, you will win every case you argue in court. All that I require in return is that you sign this document.  This is a contract whereby you promise that, in exchange for these things that I have have mentioned, you hereby agree to consign your wife’s soul, your children’s souls and their children’s souls to me in hell, where their souls will rot for all eternity.”

The lawyer thought quietly for a few moments.  The devil began to turn away, saying, “I see that you are unwilling to accept my offer.”

The lawyer said, “No.  It’s not that.  I’m just not sure that I understand the deal.  What’s the catch?”

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