Obama and Baldwin Gain Support, New Poll Results Say

A new round of results from the Marquette Law School Poll points to shifts in public opinion in Wisconsin in favor of Democratic President Barack Obama and Democratic US Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin.

Obama was up 54% to 40% over Republican challenger Mitt Romney among likely voters interviewed from Aug. 16 to 19, according to the poll. Four weeks earlier, the Law School Poll found Obama up by 3 points over Romney, 49% to 46%.

The Democratic bounce in the Senate race was even larger. Four weeks ago, former Gov. Tommy Thompson, the Republican candidate, led Rep. Tammy Baldwin, the Democratic candidate, 50% to 41%. In the new results, it was Baldwin ahead by 50% to 41%.

Charles Franklin, director of the poll and the Law School’s visiting professor of law and public policy, said, “These are both very large moves in four weeks.” Other polls have also showed significant gains for Obama and Baldwin in Wisconsin in recent days.

Franklin said much of the movement in poll results came from shifts in sentiment among independents. But in a session with Mike Gousha, the Law School’s distinguished fellow in law and public policy, Franklin said that more changes in public opinion are likely before the Nov. 6 election.

For full results of the poll, click here. To view the video of Franklin’s conversation with Gousha, click here.


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  1. Nkozi Knight

    Although polls can be helpful when it comes public opinion regarding elections, the shift in percentage points should be taken with a grain of salt especially when it comes to the Senate race.

  2. Sean Samis

    Over at 538.com, Nate Silver commented on clashing results from the MULS Poll against Rasmussen’s poll in NH:

    “The. Polls. Have. Stopped. Making. Any. Sense. … There is no plausible universe in which Mr. Obama wins Wisconsin by 14 points but loses New Hampshire by three.”

    sean s.

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