The U.S. Constitution Marks 225th Anniversary of its Signing

Monday, September 17, 2012, is Constitution Day, the 225th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution.  Do you know which person was the first to sign that document?  Test your constitutional knowledge with this quick 10-question quiz. For the text of the document itself, click here.


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  1. J Gordon Hylton

    I can honestly report that I got 10 of 10 correct on the quiz. Scoring lower, admittedly, would have been quite embarassing.

    Ed Fallone and I are participating in the university’s Constitution Day program tomorrow (Monday) afternoon in Raynor Library.

  2. Lisa A. Mazzie

    Well, I will admit to getting 9 out of 10. The question that tripped me up is the one I pose in the post itself.

    Professor Hylton, please provide more information on tomorrow’s program.

  3. Pam Heinrich

    Argh! I got the same one wrong, Professor Mazzie! (And with apologies to Prof. Hylton: I had you for a seminar on the history of US Constitutional law–I should have scored 100%!)

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