Obama, Walker, and Economic Optimism Slip a Bit in New Law School Poll Results

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A bit of slippage – that’s what fresh results of the Marquette Law School Poll show. The job performance ratings of President Barack Obama and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are down a little from May, the most recent polling date. Optimism about the economy is down a bit also. None of the changes are dramatic — the job performance changes are within the margin of error of the poll – but, as a whole, they spell a message that is a notch or two less positive toward key leaders and the future than was the case in May.

For Obama, the job rating among Wisconsinites who were polled went from 48% approve and 45% disapprove in March to 50% and 45% in May and then 47% and 46% in July.

For Walker, it was 50% approve and 44% disapprove in March, 51% and 45% in May, and 48% and 46% in July.

Partisanship around Obama and Walker remains strong, with Republicans overwhelmingly backing Walker and Democrats overwhelmingly backing Obama. But when you put the whole body of results together, it may well be the 11% of those in the poll who said they approve of the jobs being done by both Obama and Walker who explain the outcomes of elections in Wisconsin in 2012. Obama and Walker each won elections last year by about seven percentage points.

Overall, 34% of those polled approved of Obama’s job performance and disapproved of Walker’s job performance. Another 36% disapproved of Obama and approved of Walker. And 9% disapproved of both. Then there were the 11% who approved of both and 10% who did not have an opinion about either or both.

Looking ahead, 31% of those polled thought the economy would get better in the coming year and 20% thought it would get worse, with 45% expecting no major change. In May, 39% thought the economy would get better, 20% thought it would get worse, and 37% expected no change. In March, the figures were 33% better, 26% worse, and 38% no change.

For full results of the poll, click here.



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