Paul Dacier (L ’83) Assumes Presidency of the Boston Bar

Paul Dacier
Paul Dacier (Boston Globe)

An important part of professionalism is, well, participating in the profession. The Law School has a rich record of alumni and faculty involvement in most walks of the profession, including leadership positions in local and state bar associations. Many alumni have also been recognized for their outstanding work as lawyers.

Paul Dacier (Arts ’80; L ’83) is part of this distinguished cohort. In 2013 Paul has garnered well-deserved recognition for his legal work on behalf of EMC Corp., while also serving as the President of the Boston Bar Association (BBA) for 2013-14. Indeed, the Boston Globe reports that Paul is the first general counsel to assume the BBA’s presidency in its over 250 year history.

Paul is general counsel for EMC, a $20 billion, publicly traded corporation with over 60,000 employees and a legal department of over 100 lawyers. EMC is one of the nation’s leading corporations specializing in information storage (“the cloud”) and related technology. Under Paul’s direction, the legal department has successfully defended EMC’s position in high-visibility patent litigation and developed innovative approaches to mergers and acquisitions. The National Law Journal recently named EMC’s legal department as the Boston Legal Department of the year (August 2013).

Praising Paul’s work on behalf of EMC, the vice chairman of investment banking for Barclays Bank pointed to his “ability to integrate the legal, the business, and the financial” worlds. She also singled out Paul’s “emotional intelligence quotient” as displayed in his ability to “read people well,” a distinguishing mark of any good lawyer in any field of practice (and a skill not tested or taught in law schools). To read what others say about Paul’s lawyering skills and accomplishments, see this article.

The Boston Bar Association named Paul its president for a one year term that begins this month (September 2013). Here he stands in truly good company. This venerable bar association traces its origins back to John Adams’ efforts to inculcate professionalism and higher standards among Boston’s lawyers in the late 1700s. The BBA’s 10,000 members are drawn from all walks of the profession, including private law firms, corporations, government agencies, legal aid groups, and the courts. To read more about Paul’s accomplishments, community engagement, and plans for the upcoming year, see this link to the Boston Bar.

Despite the demands on his time and the 1000 miles that separates Milwaukee and Hopkinton, Mass., Paul not only serves on the Law School Advisory Board but has also visited the Law School to speak with student groups and to present classes on corporate practice. His continued support and involvement are welcome. We congratulate Paul on his well-deserved recognition.

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