From the Mouths of 1Ls: More Six-Word Stories

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a challenge to write six-word stories about law school or the law.  That post inspired many creative six-word stories, which you can read in the comments to that post.  The post and its idea were picked up by other blogs, including the Wall Street Journal law blog, the Wall Street Journal print edition on Monday, September 23, 2013, Above the Law, TaxProf blog, and the ABA Law News Now.

Below are some of the six-word stories submitted by my first-year legal analysis, writing & research students. I hope you’ll add your own in the comments.

New analysis, old logic, law school.

Adam Vanderwerff


Wish I knew contracts like Kingsfield.

Alexa Callahan


This isn’t quite like Legally Blonde.

Alexa Callahan


Helen Palsgraf shouldn’t have stood there.

Kelly Pingel


Student focused. Eckstein prepared. Challenge accepted.

Josh Lurie


Where I became a caffeine junkie.

Brycen Breazeale


Come to our meeting, free food!

Larry Whitley


Law school: life experience, life changing.

Jordan Feest


Yes, overwhelming; yet, so extremely rewarding.

Ian Kalis


Challenging and new; focus, get through.

Kyle Thelen


Shaping legal landscapes from grass clippings.

Molly Madonia


Coffee read read read read coffee.

Rex Hupy


The law is a fickle beast.

Jordana Rostant-Nunes


I’m having 1L of a ride.

Trace Hummel


Law—compromise of mind and heart.

Jessica Jurevis


More you learn. Less you know.

Cassie Van Gompel


Legal education: a complete mental metamorphosis.

Asma Kadri


Who is this magical reasonable person?

John Woodson


School was easy. Then things changed.

Craig Dietrich



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    There’s still time for Medical School.

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