Israel Reflections 2015–Day 6: Bar Ilan University

One of the most important parts of our trip was spending time with students from other universities and comparing academic experiences. During our time in Tel Aviv, we were privileged to meet with Professor Michal Alberstein and other faculty at Bar Ilan University as well as several students to discuss their dispute resolution curriculum and the different practical experiences offered to students.

Student Avery Mayne offers some insight:

Bar Ilan University offers their students the opportunity to develop their ADR and conflict resolution skills through both their law school and their graduate program in conflict resolution.

The student presenters spoke specifically to their clinical involvement and how participating in these clinics have helped to hone their conflict resolution skills. There were two clinics that were highlighted: (1) interning with an employment conflict resolution center, and (2) teaching school-age children to use alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve conflicts within their schools. Both of these clinical experiences offered Bar Ilan’s students the opportunity to practice their conflict resolution skills at the ground level.

Bar Ilan University’s Dispute Resolution Program’s curriculum and philosophy is based on educating the Israeli society internally about ways to resolve disagreements so that the whole country can resolve its disputes. These clinics offered students the chance to educate members of the public on the more peaceful ways to solve conflicts, whether they be through mediation, reconciliation, and forgiveness, as opposed to violence and ongoing hatred.

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