Moot Court and Brittany Kachingwe: A Love Story

I came to Marquette for the Sports Law program.  If anyone asked me what I wanted to do with my law degree I simply stated that I wanted to be the next Brian Cashman.  I worked in sports throughout college and for two years after.  When I got into Marquette, after I stopped crying of happiness (true story), I told myself that I would keep my mind open to other legal paths.  I can safely say, wholeheartedly, that Appellate Writing and Advocacy changed my life.  When I walked into that class I physically, metaphorically, and literally fell in love with appellate litigation and moot court (physically only in the sense that I am super clumsy and probably fell over and broke something).   If moot court were a person we would get married in an appellate courtroom, officiated by Justice Scalia, and instead of “I do” we would say, “May it please the court.”  To follow is the greatest love story you have ever read.  This post puts love stories such as Twilight, The Notebook, and Kim Kardashian/Kanye West to shame.  Here is the love story of Brittany Skye Kachingwe and Madam Moot Court. 

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The 3L Bucket List


I had every intention to make my first blog posting something legitimate, legally substantive, and professional. But then my moot court brief was due; I fell behind on all my readings; and Miley Cyrus was on SNL. While watching my girl Miley on SNL I was able to stop and appreciate the chaos that is my life as 3L. Miley does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and that freedom is something I greatly envy at this juncture of my life. Despite doing things that are somewhat controversial, Miley is making the most of her life and she is having a great time doing it. So it got me thinking: before I know it law school will be over. Despite all the chaos, there are a lot of things I want to accomplish before I graduate. I really want to make the most of my remaining months as a law student and have a great time doing it. So I compiled a list of things I would like to accomplish before I graduate in May. Without further ado, here is my 3L bucket list: 

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