Marquette Legal Writing Professors Contribute to Column in Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine

Beginning with the current issue, the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine (a publication of the Wisconsin State Bar) will publish  a new column on legal writing.  The first contributor is the most experienced legal writing professor on the Marquette faculty, Jill Hayford.

As the magazine explains,

Through this new column, the legal writing faculty at Marquette University Law School and other contributors will help solve your vexing legal writing questions with practical guidance. 

Professor Hayford’s piece is entitled, “Style Books, Web Sites, and Podcasts:  A Lawyer’s Guide to the Guides,” and it offers up-to-the-minute information and advice about the available writing style manuals, websites, and pocasts for lawyers.  In a sidebar, the Wisconsin Lawyer invites questions or ideas for future columns about legal writing.  “Your question will be answered directly by the MU writing faculty and may appear in a future column.”  If you want to submit a question for the column via Wisconsin Lawyer, email, subject line:  legal writing.

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  1. Judge Jim Kieffer

    I read with interest the recent article addressing various grammar myths. I consistently see lawyers misuse capitalization of letters. A thought for a future article would be when it is appropriate to capitalize or not. Thanks much. Judge Kieffer

  2. Jessica E. Slavin

    Thanks so much for reading the article, and the blog! And thanks for a good idea for a future article. Capitalization does seem to confuse a lot of writers. Thanks again!

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