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Marquette Law School is pleased to host the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) 2013 Biennial Conference from June 26-28. The conference is titled “Doing It Our Way”: Learning from Our Programmatic Differences and Similarities. Approximately 170 faculty representing 99 schools are attending. Just before the conference is an Innovative Teaching Workshop, and after the conference the Legal Writing Institute (LWI) is hosting a writers’ workshop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

ALWD is an organization whose mission is to

pursue activities such as the following to help law schools provide excellent legal writing instruction:

1. Supporting the administration of legal writing programs,
2. Enhancing the leadership skills and professional development of legal writing professionals,
3. Encouraging and supporting research and scholarship in, and development of, the discipline of legal writing, and
4. Advocating on behalf of the discipline within the academy and the legal profession.

ALWD fulfills its mission through a number of initiatives in addition to the biennial conference. ALWD publishes the ALWD Citation Manual and the Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD. ALWD and LWI conduct an annual survey of the field of legal writing. ALWD also funds scholarships, together with LWI and LexisNexis, to legal writing educators. In addition to funding, grant recipients may be paired with a mentor. ALWD awards the Thomas F. Blackwell Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Legal Writing, the Brill Award (named after Professor Ralph Brill), and the Rombauer Award (named after Professor Marjorie Rombauer).

Welcome to the conference attendees.


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