The Subway Scandal of 2013 Heads to Wisconsin

subwayI’ve learned a lot of things in the last 6 months, and one of those things is that people get really angry when they find out that their Subway “footlong” sandwich is actually only 11 inches. What began as a customer complaint on Facebook has morphed into a high-publicity lawsuit that will play out in our own backyard: the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Earlier this year, an Australian man posted a picture of his sub alongside a ruler on Subway’s Facebook page, accompanied by the message “subway plz respond.” The picture set off a firestorm on Facebook as customers around the world began complaining and posting their own pictures of Subway sandwiches that failed to live up to expectations. Shortly thereafter, the New York Post conducted its own investigation and found that 4 out of 7 “footlongs” purchased in Manhattan measured only 11 or 11.5 inches. (more…)

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Lindsay Lohan and the Law

lindsay-lohan-mug-shot-2011-la-sheriffI have two friends (and fellow classmates) who love to flood my email inbox and Facebook account with pictures of Lindsay Lohan. I think they love it more than summer break. Admittedly, I had this coming. These friends showed me a particularly startling picture of Ms. Lohan during a study break 1L year, and I let out a sort of shriek that I’m not proud of. I understand that actions have consequences. The pictures began rolling in during fall of 2011 and haven’t stopped since.

Feelings of disregard pervaded those first few months. But as the seasons changed, so did I. Most pictures came with headlines, and the more I read, the more I wondered how someone can so frequently break laws, violate probation, and skip out on court dates, and yet avoid any meaningful jail time. Then again, it’s not necessarily her fault that she’s been able to avoid consequences better than I have. The question, for me at least, is whether the justice system has treated her differently than it would you or I. And if so, why? (more…)

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