Eckstein Hall Opened One Year Ago

Yesterday (July 6) marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of Eckstein Hall. The very first class in the new building was American Legal History which first met in Room 257 at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 6, 2010. To reach the classroom in the not-quite-finished building, the 17 students and their instructor had to dodge rolls of carpet and electrical wire, cans of paint, and assorted construction debris. Everyone was also required to immediately leave the building immediately after the conclusion of the class.

The class was taught by me. Its members included April Ashby, Margaret Bach, Heather Berlinski, Carolyn Carrico, Nicholas Deml, Jeremy Hager, Stephanie Kebler, Matt Lien, Anthony Meyer, Andrew Mongin, Christina Putman, Francisco Saa, Jon Seaman, Timothy Shortess, Richard Sienkewicz, Charles Szafir, and Ian Thomson.

For two of the students, it was their final class in law school.

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  1. Jeremy Hager

    and I never had another class in that same room afterwards.

  2. Carolyn Carrico

    It seemed as if everyday something new was added to the classroom…
    American Legal History was one of my favorite courses too. Great start to the new building.

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