Opportunities & Aid

2020 National Sports Law Student Writing Competition

The goal of National Sports Law Student Writing Competition is to encourage law student scholarship on current topics in sports law. The winning selection will receive an offer to publish their article in the fall 2020 issue of the Marquette Sports Law Review. Further details on the competition can be found online hereSubmissions are due August 28, 2020.

Contact: Paul M. Anderson

Assistant for Small Claims Mediation Clinic

Professor Fleury is seeking an assistant for the Small Claims Mediation Clinic for 2020-2021. The Clinic is being conducted remotely for the fall semester based on restrictions in the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The Assistant needs to be available for the Clinic on Monday from 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and has a few other brief duties each week. Proficiency with Zoom is preferred. Contact Professor Fleury for more information. You do not have to have completed the Mediation Clinic to apply, although mediation experience is preferred. 

Contact: Natalie Fleury

The Johns Law Firm Law School Scholarship Contest -- $1,500

Friday, August 7, 2020 - 2:50pm TBD

At Johns Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers specialize in representing victims of accidents, injuries, and even insurance companies disputes. As attorneys, we feel that it is our responsibility to advocate for those who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault. In fact, helping those in need is one of the reasons our law firm exists.

For this year’s scholarship contest, we are asking students to submit an essay about why they decided to become a lawyer.  Students are expected to write a 300-400 word essay about what influenced their legal career and why they are pursuing law school. The winner with the most compelling essay will receive a $1,500 law school scholarship.

One (1) winner will receive $1,500 to put towards their law school tuition.

We look forward to hearing from the next generation of lawyers, and we will announce the winner of the scholarship by January 15, 2021.

For additional information, please visit:  https://johnsfirm.com/law-scholarship-contest/

Contact: Ryan Golden

HomeClean Brighter Future Scholarship

Saturday, August 15, 2020 - 9:00am TBD

Each and every person has the spark to change the world. They just need that little push to find it. At HomeClean, we recognize that the future is shaped by our students… the future generation of leaders. 

 It takes one person to spark a revolution, innovation, or creation and it begins with a seed of belief. These beliefs need to be encouraged, nurtured, and developed to be grown to impact societies, changing the world to be better. But it begins with education and the eagerness to learn. You have an opportunity today to show us your dreams and your vision of the future. 

HomeClean the leading Maid Service, Home cleaning, and Commercial Cleaning Service solution is here to support and make those ideas and imaginations into reality. 


Create a 2 to 4 minute video explaining why education is the key to a brighter future and how you can use this knowledge to change society for the better. Open to all dynamic, passionate, and visionary students in high school, college, university, or trade school.


What motivates you? 

What makes you wake up every day and ready to face challenges in life head-on?

What events make your heartache, wishing you had the ability to change?

What accomplishments have you contributed to make the world a better place?

These are questions to inspire your answer and for a chance to win our $2500 scholarship grant. 

Application Process

Upload your video on YouTube with the title “Home Clean Scholarship”.

Include a link to this page in the description of your video and email your active YouTube link to scholarship@homecleaningservice.nyc with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Name of Your Current School
  • Name of the School that you will be Attending
  • Your area of Study


The deadline for the submission is August 15, 2020 and the winner will be announced on September 15, 2020. The lucky students must claim the scholarship within two weeks after being contacted or the grant will be forfeited and we will have to choose another winner.

We want to learn more about you, seeing your passion and energy for change in the world.


More information on our program can be found at http://https://homecleaningservice.nyc/scholarship/

Contact: Andrii Gurskyi

Baumgartner Law Firm Scholarship Program -- $3,000

Monday, August 31, 2020 - 9:00am n/a

The Baumgartner Law Firm is pleased to offer an annual law student scholarship to needy individuals who are enrolled at an accredited Law School in the US.

In order to apply, applicant must be enrolled at an accredited law school in the US. (If you have applied to law school and have not yet been accepted, you may apply but the scholarship will only be awarded to someone accepted and enrolled at an accredited Law School at the time of scholarship selection.) This scholarship will be awarded based on need and commitment to helping others.

A one time award of $3,000.00 will be awarded to one winner to be used for tuition, books and law school expenses.

Deadline to apply: August 31, 2020.
After the application date, we will announce the winner by November 30.
We will notify the winner by email or a telephone call and will post our winner on the Baumgartner Law Firm Facebook page.

For more information on the scholarship please visit:


Contact: Greg Baumgartner

Greg Baumgartner Scholarship -- $1,000

Monday, August 31, 2020 - 9:00am n/a

Greg Baumgartner Annual Scholarship

The importance of education cannot be overstated. We understand how difficult obtaining an education can be for some young men and women, particularly when the student must provide for their own higher education. At times it may seem overwhelming, yet with the will, there is a way.

In an effort to give back to our community, attorney Greg Baumgartner is offering a $1,000 scholarship to help a young person obtain an education.

The scholarship targets a student who is paying their way through school without parental assistance.

To apply, please write a very short essay (not to exceed 200 words) about yourself, your educational goals and the reasons for needing a scholarship and include it in your email application.

Attorney Greg Baumgartner will award one applicant each year a one time $1,000 scholarship to be used for tuition or books.

Contact: Greg Baumgartner

Dura-Pack Packaging Sustainability Initiative Award - Scholarship Opportunity

Monday, August 31, 2020 - 9:00am N/A

We are proud to offer our 2020 scholarship award opportunity. We are seeking to reward essay applicants $3,000 in scholarship funds. The scholarship is open to students that are either entering or are already enrolled in an accredited college or university. As a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging bags and equipment, we are consistently striving to adopt and implement environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and have tailored our essay topics to reflect our “Green” initiatives. We have thoughtfully designed our essay topics to focus on environment and sustainability issues that are extremely prevalent today. We are strong believers that we are all stewards of the environment and that it is imperative that corporations adopt socially and environmentally responsible practices and ideologies.


  • Going Green – Why should more companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging?
  • Do packaging recycling programs really work?
  • The future of sustainable packaging.
  • How do we reduce packaging waste in the world’s oceans?


  • Creativity (40%)
  • Structure (20%)
  • Grammar (10%)
  • Length (10%)
  • Adherence to Topic (10%)
  • Wow Factor – Does the essay “wow” the reader for one reason or another (10%)


  • Essays should be submitted in MS Word format.
  • Essays should contain a minimum of 500 words.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in either high school, university or
    college as a full-time student (2019-2020 school year).
  • Employees and relatives of Dura-Pack are ineligible.
  • There will be three contest submission dates. To be eligible for the 2020 Dura-
    Pack Academic Scholarship, submit your essay by one of the submission
    dates below:
    • Round 1 Application Deadline: April 30th - Award Date: May 1st
    • Round 2 Application Deadline: August 31st - Award Date: September 1st
    • Round 3 Application Deadline: December 31st - Award Date: January 1st
  • The scholarship award winner will be required to provide proof of successful acceptance to an accredited college or university. Payment will be made directly to the applicant’s college or university. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us.

For additional information, please see the website here: https://dura-pack.com/scholarship

Contact: Harrison

Federal Circuit Bar Association Hutchinson Writing Competition--$3,000

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - 11:00pm NA

The George Hutchinson Writing Competition awards prizes for the best papers that address any topic that lies within the procedure, substance, or scope of the Federal Circuit (including patent litigation, Patent and Trademark Office decisions, government contract claims, International Trade Commission, Merit Systems Protection Board, and Court of Appeal for Veterans Claims.)

First prize: $3000; second and third place cash prizes at discretion of judges.

Students enrolled for the 2019-20 school year in any law school accredited by the American Bar Association are eligible to enter. All papers shall be prepared during the 2019-20 school year. Papers shall be the sole work product of the student. Normal comment and guidance by law school faculty is permitted. Entries must be uploaded no later than September 1, 2020, at https://forms.gle/mdUDv9RSpbLu2WZv7

Papers are typically about 20-30 pages in length. Papers shall not exceed 50 pages, including footnotes.

More information and contest rules are available at: https://fedcirbar.org/Pro-Bono-Scholarships/Scholarships/Rules

Questions about the contest or submission process should be addressed to:

Allen Sokal

Contact: Bruce Boyden

Glotzer & Leib Personal Injury Scholarship -- $1,000

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

Glotzer & Leib is a personal injury law firm serving accident victims in Southern California. We believe our mission to empower Californians goes beyond helping after an accident.

Education empowers everyone. That’s why we’ve launched the Glotzer & Leib Personal Injury Scholarship Fund. We’re proud to support recipients by helping them cover college-related expenses. The winner(s) will receive a check for $1,000.

Award - The $1,000 check will be made payable directly to the awardee for use towards school related expenses / tuition (Receipts may be requested)

Deadline - Your complete application must be received using the form below by September 15 and January 15 of each year.


  • Resume
  • 600 to 1000 word essay on the Assigned Topic (See below)
  • Academic Transcript
  • College or University Letter of Acceptance (Not required if you provide current college transcripts.)

Essay Topic - Reflect on your personal experiences in life. What challenges or adversity have you experienced? How did you overcome these obstacles, and what advice would you give to someone else facing similar circumstances?

For more info and to apply, please visit:  https://www.socalpersonalinjurylawyer.com/scholarship-application/

Contact: Joshua Glotzer

Criminal Record Policy Essay Competition and Scholarship--$2,000

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 11:30am N/A

Third Annual Criminal Record Policy Essay Competition and Scholarship for law students, sponsored by The Foundation for Continuing Justice and the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates. More than $3,000 will be awarded to the 5 winners.

For our third annual law student writing competition, our goal is to continue to increase awareness of the impact of laws governing the retention and dissemination of criminal records by courts and state agencies, as well as the laws governing the public’s use of such records. In order for criminal record laws to improve, today's law students need to understand the impact that these laws have on former offenders and society as a whole. Since the law students of today will write the laws of tomorrow they will require a solid understanding of the issues that have the potential to cause social injustice.

Our third annual competition will be judged by a diverse panel of judges representing practitioners, academics and business professionals in the background check industry. Along with a first, second and third prize, there will be a prize for best research and best policy recommendations.

The purpose of the contest is to help students gain an understanding of the many facets of criminal records such as how they are currently handled, how they affect people's lives, and how the laws that affect them can be improved.

2019-2020 Essay Topics:

Please choose one of the following:

  • How to improve the expungement process in (state of your choice)
  • When, if ever, should government stop reporting criminal records to the public?
  • What effects do criminal records have on former offenders ability to re-assimilate?

The Prizes For The Winning Essays Are As Follows:

  • First Place: $2,000.00
  • Second Place: $1,000.00
  • Third Place: $300.00
  • $200 Honorable Mention

Submission Deadline:

All Essays Are Due By June 30, 2020
The Winners Will Be Announced On Or Before July 31, 2020

Essay Competition Rules:

To be eligible the student must be:

  • 18 years or older and currently enrolled in any Juris Doctor (JD) law program in the United States or its territories.
  • Only one essay submission per law student is allowed.
  • As a condition of receiving the award, winner agrees to submit a completed W-9. Winner is responsible for all taxes associated with receiving the award.
  • The awarded funds are to be used to pay for law school-related expenses.
  • The essay should be approximately 2,000 to 3,500 words in length.
  • The content submitted must be the law student author's own work and must not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • By submitting an essay, entrants are granting the competition’s sponsors the right to reproduce the essay on any of their web sites.

To learn more and submit the essay, please visit: https://www.recordgone.com/law-student-expungement-competition-3rd-annual.htm

Contact: Higbee & Associates

Weiss & Paarz Annual National Law Scholarship -- $1,000

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

Each year, Weiss & Paarz will award a $1,000 Law Scholarship to a student starting or continuing law school anywhere in the United States of America.

As a law firm that exclusively handles medical malpractice, our attorneys, paralegals, and staff members have dedicated their careers to helping victims of preventable catastrophic injury. Just as we never let a client’s financial restrictions get in the way of achieving justice, we firmly believe that no student should be deprived of the opportunity to succeed due to a lack of financial resources. We are especially interested in young individuals who plan to become lawyers. We are confident in the youth of America’s ability to change our world for the better through strong character development, community enrichment, and higher education.

We are thrilled to announce the fourth year of this exciting scholarship opportunity. Scholarships will be awarded each year to the student who demonstrates all of the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Financial need
  • Exceptional work ethic
  • Strength in the face of adversity
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Commitment to the local community and charitable giving
  • Ability to lead others
  • Overall moral character

Students must submit their application by 09.30.20 and all applications must include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume listing work experience, educational background, and high school and college grade point average and class rank, if applicable;
  • Personal Statement, which includes a description of your career goals and what you plan to use the scholarship funding for (2 pages maximum);
  • Confirmation of enrollment in an ABA-accredited law school or copy of your current student ID; and copy of your state ID or driver’s license

Please click here to apply.

Contact: Naomi Anderson

Buffalo Environmental Law Journal Student Writing Competition

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 4:00pm N/A

The Buffalo Environmental Law Journal is pleased to announced its fall 2020 Student Writing Competition (the “Competition”).

The goal of this Competition is to encourage students interested in academic writing and the field of environmental law to write on a topic that interests them and to give those students an opportunity to be published in an academic journal. To achieve this goal, the Competition is open to any law student who, at the time of entry, is enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school during the 2020-2021 academic year. Submissions for the Competition should demonstrate original thought and ingenuity on an issue of significance relating to the field of Environmental Law

Submissions must be the original, unpublished work of the entrant. Any submitted work may have been previously completed for academic credit, but may not have been previously published in any form of media. Submissions must be made by e-mail on or before September 30, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. (EST) to law-belj@buffalo.edu. Entrants wishing to be considered as part of an early application period may make their submission on or before August 28, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. (EST). Winners will be published in Volume 28, Issue 1 of the Buffalo Environmental Law Journal, which we anticipate will be published in January of 2021.

Submissions must be formatted on 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper format, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, 12-point type (10-point for footnotes, single-spaced, which must be in Bluebook format), and must not be less than 20 pages. Each page must have a header including the title of the paper and a page number. Each submission must be submitted in an editable, word format; pdf and other non-editable document formats will not be considered. No information that could identify the author should appear in the body of the paper, header, footer, or document properties to maintain anonymity in the review process. Submissions must include a separate cover sheet in a separate electronic file, including the essay title; author's name; law school; expected year of graduation from law school; and author's mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Submissions should be written in traditional law review style, with full citation to authority included in footnotes, and conforming to the 20th Edition of The Bluebook—A Uniform System of Citation. Participants acknowledge that the Buffalo Environmental Law Journal will not return any submitted entries. All entrants retain full copyright to their entries except that winners are required to license certain rights to the Buffalo Environmental Law as a condition of publication. 

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria: (1) writing quality; (2) analysis of the legal issue; (3) originality; (4) quality of research; and (5) the topic’s relevance to the field of environmental law.  

Submissions will be judged anonymously and winner(s) will be determined by a committee selected by the Buffalo Environmental Law Journal Editorial Board. The Buffalo Environmental Law Journal will select up to three winners to be published. Winner(s) who made their submission during the early application period will be selected and notified no later than September 11, 2020 (the “Early Application Period Winner(s)”) and will make up no more than two of the potential three winners. Winners(s) who made their submission by the general deadline will be notified no later than October 14, 2020 (the “General Deadline Winner(s)”). Submissions that were made during the early application period, but were not selected as Early Application Period Winners may still be considered to be General Deadline Winners. The Buffalo Environmental Law Journal reserves the right to select less than three winner(s) or publish less than three submitted work(s) as an Early Application Period Winner or General Deadline Winner if it is determined that no submissions are of sufficient quality to merit publication. If a potential Early Application Period Winner does not respond by September 18, 2020, the potential winner forfeits all rights to be named as winner or be published, and an alternate winner may be chosen. If a potential General Deadline Winner does not respond by October 24, 2020, the potential winner forfeits all rights to be named as winner or be published, and an alternate winner may be chosen. Any potential winner selected as an alternate winner may be notified at a later time than indicated above.

We hope that you are interested in our Competition. If so, please e-mail your submission to law-belj@buffalo.edu no later than Monday, September 30, 2020. If you have any questions about the Writing Competition, please feel free to contact us at the same e-mail address. We deeply appreciate your consideration and look forward to receiving your submissions.

Contact: Buffalo Environmental Law Journal

GAR Disability Advocates Law School Scholarship -- $1,000

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

At GAR Disability Advocates, we believe that everyone, regardless of background or social status, is entitled to high-quality legal representation to fight for their rights. In order to fulfill the need for high-quality lawyers and legal professionals in the workforce, we are committed to helping students in need to afford higher education.

To help more students who are passionate about law pursue a degree, we are sponsoring an annual scholarship, awarded to one law student, to be put toward their law school costs.

We are asking students to write an essay of no more than 500 words on the following prompt:

How has someone with a disability affected you? This can be yourself or someone you know. If you are close to anyone who gets disability benefits, how would their life be different without those benefits?

The most compelling and well-written essay as judged by the GAR Disability Advocates Team will receive our scholarship of $1,000.

Eligibility Rules
Applicants must be enrolled or accepted to an accredited law school in the United States as of the fall 2020 semester. 

Applications must be received no later than October 15, 2020.

To apply, please visit:  https://disabilityhc.com/scholarship/

Contact: Danielle Hicks

Future Lawyer Scholarship -- $1,000

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

Future Lawyer Scholarship

At McGilberry & Shirer, we’re excited to announce our First Annual Future Lawyer Scholarship Award. Beginning in 2020, we’re awarding $1,000 to a deserving law student who authors the winning submission in our essay contest. 

Essay Prompt

Please write 750-1,000 words on this topic: How has the power of the president of the United States changed over the last 100 years, and has this change been good or bad?

Judging Criteria

The scholarship will be awarded to the student who best demonstrates their knowledge and passion for the subject. The winning essay will demonstrate good organization and thoughtful writing. 

Deadline:  October 15, 2020

For more information visit: https://www.mcgilberryandshirer.com/scholarship/

Contact: James Edwards

Enjuris Scholarship Essay Contest -- $1,000

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

Enjuris Scholarship Essay Contest

Deadline: October 15, 2020

Essay Question: "What legal obligations and duties should employers and businesses owe workers and the public to protect them from diseases such as coronavirus?

Application form: https://www.enjuris.com/students/pdf/application-scholarship-essay-contest.pdf

Scholarship amount: $1,000.00

Eligibility: Students must be actively enrolled at the university with a valid student ID number and currently enrolled in classes in order to be eligible. Essays must be unique (not submitted elsewhere) and written by the student. All submissions should be in English. Applicants must read, understand, sign and return to us the (PDF) Enjuris Scholarship Essay Contest Application & Rules along with your submission. Applicants may only submit one essay per contest. All students who are currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the United States are welcome to apply.

For more info, please visit: https://www.wpmhlegal.com/scholarships/

Contact: Katy Rawlins

Cherepinskiy Law Firm Legal Scholarship -- $1,000

Monday, October 26, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

Cherepinskiy Law Firm, PC offers its annual Legal Scholarship to one selected law school student. The scholarship award is $1,000. 

The last day to submit applications for the 2020–2021 school year is October 26, 2020.  Scholarship recipients will be notified of their selection by November 24, 2020.

The scholarship award can be used exclusively for tuition and education-related expenses (e.g. textbooks, case books, supplies, etc.) The recipient of the scholarship award will receive a check in the amount of $1,000, which will be made payable directly to the recipient’s law school.

For additional info, please visit: https://clawfirmpc.com/scholarship/

Contact: Alexandra Shef

Thrive Pest Control Scholarship--$1,000

Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 9:00am TBD

$1,000 Best Bug Scholarship

The Best Bug Scholarship was designed to help students further their education and work towards graduation. We believe in hard work and dedication over perfection and we want to help students who are working towards a better tomorrow. Our scholarship is designed for graduating high school students but also any student that is currently enrolled in a 4 year college program in the United States of America.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • Enrolled or accepted into an accredited undergraduate program in the U.S.
    (This includes incoming freshmen)
  • Scholarship is open to all majors

Note: Only one submission is permitted per applicant. Previous winners will not be able to enter again

Scholarship Details

  • An award of $1,000 will be given out
  • This amount will be broken up into two deliverables
    • $500 will be given for the fall semester
    • $500 will be given for the spring semester
  • The funds awarded will be sent directly to the University for them to disburse


More information can be found on



Contact: Keeton Alder

Valuewalk Business Studies Scholarship Program--$2,000

Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 9:00am TBD

Business Studies Scholarship Program

ValueWalk.com, an online resource for worldwide Business news, wishes to support students in the pursuit of a Business degree. Students enrolled in other majors may also apply for the scholarship if able to contribute an essay dealing the business subject matter.

The scholarship is made available to any student accepted or enrolled into a college or university degree program. Participants enrolled in a higher learning degree granting program from any country may apply for the scholarship program.

A total award of $2000 is granted over the course of the year to students who submit a winning essay on the Business topic of value investing.

This is an annual scholarship program.

Questions to be answered in your Essay / Application:

  • Please tell us your favorite stock idea and why (Must be over $100 million market cap and long ideas only).
  • Please detail catalysts, valuation, competitors and/or any other reasons you think investors are overlooking this security.
  • Please disclose if you own any securities discussed.

2 prizes will be awarded for each of the two essay submission contests. One for the most votes and the other as our staff favorite.


More information on the program can be found on https://www.valuewalk.com/value-investing-2/

Contact: Greg Tariq

Fitness and Educational Scholarship

Sunday, November 15, 2020 - 9:00am TBD

2020 Fitness and Educational Scholarships by FitnessVolt.com

FitnessVolt.com is happy to announce a yearly Fitness Scholarship Program. We value the importance of education, which is why we’d like to offer an eligible student the opportunity to win a $1000/- scholarship in an effort to assist with the costs of continued education.

Fitness is our forte and eligible students can now submit an essay on the topic of “Importance of physical fitness in student life” of which the winner will receive a scholarship from us and recognition on our website.

Who’s Eligible?

Our scholarship is open to all college students who plan to major in any course but there will be special consideration for students who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Any high school senior or college/university student is eligible to participate.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

How to Submit

Eligible applicants are required to submit a 1,000~1,500 word article on the topic “Importance of physical fitness in student life” at scholarship@fitnessvolt.com for consideration. Feel free to mention any worthy causes you’re involved in.


For more information please visit https://fitnessvolt.com/scholarship/

Contact: Masha

Justice Pays Scholarship -- $1,000

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 12:00pm n/a

At Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh, our partners understand the value of higher education. As Bradenton auto accident lawyers helping people hurt after being in crashes or other accidents, we must face and overcome well-prepared and experienced legal team fielded by insurance companies time and time again to win for our clients.

At the core of our profession is having a solid education whether it's legal oriented, or another field. After getting their undergraduate degrees, all of our attorneys continued to study, earning their juris doctorate (JD) at law school. We understand the extreme level of dedication and commitment it takes, both in effort and in financial resources to earn a college education. As such, we are committed to supporting the next generation of students striving to complete their college degree. This support is in the form of a $1,000 scholarship, awarded to the winner of our essay contest.

Annual Scholarship Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be either attending, or planning to attend a university or college within the 2021 – 2022 academic year.
  • Applicants under 18 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian
  • Must be in good standing with the university or college to be attended
  • Submit essays via email to scholarship@justicepays.com
  • Must include your name and the name of the school you are attending or planning to attend

Scholarship Essay Topics

The scholarship essay, should be at least two paragraphs long and can about one of these two topics:

  • Why do you want to be a health care professional?
  • Why do you want to work in the legal world?

The winning student will receive a check made directly to the school being attended.

The deadline of this year's entries is December 1, 2020.

One winner will be announced each year.

Questions? Please call Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh at 833.954.1234, or visit:  https://www.justicepays.com/scholarship.

Contact: Maggie Strife

Inspirational Stories: Scholarship

Sunday, December 20, 2020 - 9:00am N/A

At InspirationalStories.com, we believe in holding yourself together, accepting life, and making the inspired decisions that change the horizons of their life. We’re also well aware of just how important an education is too. After all, learning is how we improve and maximize potential.

But sometimes, the cost of education is a limiting factor in being able to do so and we want to help. So, we’re currently running an essay contest that’ll give eligible students the opportunity to submit their best stories for the chance to win a $750 scholarship. There will only be one winner.

All you have to do is write a motivational/inspirational story about someone who inspires you and submit it to us! The winner will also be acknowledged on our website aside from earning the scholarship.The deadline for submissions is December 20, 2020. The winner will be announced on January 20, 2021. Show us your best stories!

Here are the submission guidelines for the essay

Who’s Eligible?

  • Any high school senior or college/university student is eligible to participate.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

How To Submit

Eligible individuals should write an 800-word motivational/inspirational story about someone who inspires them. We’re only accepting one submission per person.

Make sure to send your submission to scholarship@inspirationalstories.com

Each submission should also include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • School/Institution
  • Major
  • Proof of enrollment in school/Institution


More information on the program can be found on: https://www.inspirationalstories.com/scholarship/

Contact: Ash

DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship

Sunday, January 31, 2021 - 11:00pm TBD

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, Bluestein, LLP is renewing its scholarship opportunity for law students for 2021. The DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship, worth $1500, is three years in the running, and is designed to help one law student pay for their tuition costs.

Past winners of our scholarship are listed on the scholarship application page below:

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021

Application page: https://www.ddrlawyers.com/scholarship/

Scholarship Name: DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship

Who is eligible: Admitted law school students attending an accredited law school in the United States with a minimum of 3.5 GPA. We will accept "pass" for binary grading systems.

Application instructions: Applications, including all supporting documents, must be submitted in full, online, by January 31, 2021 in order to be considered. A winner will be announced on, or before, March 31, 2021 at which point we will disburse the $1500 award to the student's financial aid department to help pay for their tuition costs.

Additional details can be found on our scholarship application page above. If you have any questions at all, please email the address below. 

Contact: DDRB Lawyers

David Ebrahimzadeh Academic Scholarship--$1,000

Monday, March 1, 2021 - 4:00pm Online

David Ebrahimzadeh, President of Corniche Capital, started the David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship to recognize those students who are seeking a degree in real estate, or have a passion in real estate.

Ebrahimzadeh created Corniche Capital with the goal of pursuing opportunities in the real estate and private equity sectors. The purpose of this scholarship has a similar goal, by extending an opportunity to those who are seeking to continue their education.

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 1, 2021

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
  • Current high school senior that has been accepted into a college or university

Scholarship Essay Topic: 

  • Please prepare a 500-word essay that answers the following prompt: “When it comes to real estate, what excites you about the future?”

For more information and how to apply online follow this link.

Contact: Audrey Cohen