Parking Alerts



August 28

Limited permit parking available on the 11th Street level all day.

The Clybourn level has no permit restrictions.


August 29

No permit parking available on the 11th Street level until 2pm.

Limited permit parking available on the Clybourn until 2pm.


September 4

No permit parking available on the 11th Street level until 2pm.

Limited permit parking available on the Clybourn until 2pm.


Starting on August 12th law students, that have purchased parking permits, can pick them up from Parking Services.  Please inform Parking Services you're a law student so your permit is activated to start on August 19th (undergraduate parking starts on August 26).  The office hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30 pm.

Wells Street Parking Structure
1240 W. Wells St.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: (414) 288-6911

Link to Parking Services:

Reminder you will need your permit to start parking starting on August 19.



Simple rules to be a happy Eckstein Hall parking structure user:

Eckstein Hall parking structure policy serves two purposes: (a) to facilitate the parking of members of the public participating in certain Law School activities. Spaces will be set aside on a daily basis according to the number and type of Law School events; and (b) parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis to Law School students and employees who have paid for University parking. Violation of rules can result in a fine or loss of parking privileges for an entire year.

Students, Faculty, and Staff must purchase a parking permit from Parking Services to have Eckstein Hall parking privileges.

Eckstein Hall parking levels fill quickly. Students should arrive on campus with the expectation that they will park in their assigned lot on campus and walk to Eckstein Hall. This guarantees a timely arrival for classes.

Church of the Gesu surface parking lot J is NOT a Marquette Law School parking lot. Students who park there at any time (day or night), will be ticketed and possibly lose their Eckstein Hall parking privileges.

When entering the Eckstein Hall parking garage, permit parkers should not pull a ticket unless they intend to pay for visitor parking. In the event of parking equipment malfunction (gate not opening, inaccurate space availability appearing on signage, MUID card rejected, etc.), the permit parker will proceed to his or her assigned lot to park.  If unable to back up due to other cars in line, the permit parker should safely exit his or her vehicle and ask the other parkers to back up. (Please be a courteous driver and back up when asked or if you see someone blocked)  If that is not possible, the permit parker should use the intercom for assistance. When using the intercom, any permit parker who ignores the directive/instructions given by the Welcome Desk staff will be subject to fines and revocation of Eckstein Hall parking privileges. Student permit parkers are governed by Section 902 of the Law School Academic Regulations in their behavior toward other students, faculty members, staff, and University Public Safety officers.

Students having parking issues need to email Parking Services with their name, MUID number, and the type of permit they purchased for the semester, or they can report the issue to office 244B.

Students who have a University parking permit and handicap parking license or permit should alert the Building Supervisor to receive special parking instructions.

Link to the complete policy at

Complimentary weekend parking is available on both levels only to the Law School community. Students can use their MUID to scan in (do NOT pull a ticket).

No overnight parking is permitted on either parking level.

Motorcycle parking is available in Structures 1 and 2. See for motorcycle parking information.

Bicycle racks are available on both parking levels. Cyclists are expected to provide their own locks.

For the latest parking news, including when permit parking is not available in Eckstein Hall, carefully read the Eckstein Hall Parking Alert emails that are sent out.