Parking Alerts

June 2
No permit parking on the 11th Street level until 2:30pm.
The Clybourn level will have limited parking.

Dear Law School Community,

For the past month, our parking system has been experiencing issues causing it to shutdown unexpectedly. I understand this can be (very) frustrating. Here is how you should proceed.

If you enter an Eckstein Hall parking level that is full, please do not illegally park – that is, do not park in a place that is not a parking spot. You should leave the lot and park in your assigned structure or lot. Otherwise, not only will you be ticketed, but you could lose parking privileges for a year.

And if the system is down, causing your ID to not work, please do not pull a ticket and plan to park unless you are willing to pay the parking fee (Monday-Friday $30; Saturday-Sunday $3). If you must pull a ticket (for example, because there is a line behind you), you should go into the lot and circle around to leave: there is a seven-minute “grace period” in which all you have to do to leave is to insert the ticket. You do not need to leave your car and have that ticket validated.

We are aware of this inconvenience and are working with University officials to find a solution. Your cooperation as community members is important and appreciated. THANK you.

Christine Wilczynski-Vogel
Associate Dean for External Relations, Events, and Facilities

Friendly reminders …
The Gesu Church surface parking lot is NOT a Marquette Law School parking lot – if you are caught parking there, please be prepared to receive a ticket and possibly lose your Eckstein Hall parking privileges.

The Gesu Church surface parking lot is NOT free & open parking after 5pm. Again, if you are caught parking there, please be prepared to receive a ticket and possibly lose your Eckstein Hall parking privileges.

When entering the Eckstein Hall parking garage, unless you intend to pay for visiting parking, the only reason to pull a ticket is because your MU ID is not working and there are cars behind you, so you can’t back up. In that case, pull the ticket, leave immediately by putting the ticket in the exit gate ticket machine, and go to your assigned lot. You have a 7 minute grace period to exit with the ticket you just pulled – after that be prepared to pay the $30 parking fee. Your parking ticket will not be validated if you are in the lot more than 7 minutes.

Please note that if your MUID does not work for parking – you will need to park in your assigned lot until the issue with your card can be resolved. You can email Parking directly to have your ID fixed (supply your name, MU ID, and the type of parking you purchased for the semester) or you can report the issue to the 244B Office and someone will communicate with Parking regarding your ID. Know also that the Eckstein Hall parking structures fill quickly. Arrive to campus with the expectation you will park in your assigned lot on campus. This guarantees a timely arrival for classes.