Parking Structure Policy - Information for Permit Parkers & Law Students

The Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall Parking Structure Policy serves two purposes: (a) The first purpose is to facilitate the parking of members of the public participating in certain law school activities, and spaces therefore will be set aside on a daily basis according to the number and types of Law School events; and (b) beyond this, parking is available on a secondary matter, on a first-come, first-served basis, to Law School students and employees who have paid for University parking.  These individuals fall into the category of “permit parkers” as noted on signage outside the entrances to Eckstein Hall parking levels.

The signage outside the parking entrances indicates the number of spaces available for permit parkers and the number of spaces available for visitors.  When the sign reads that permit spaces are FULL or the garage is closed to permit parkers, only visitors are allowed to park in Eckstein levels.  Any permit parker (or any student who has not purchased a parking permit) who chooses to pull a ticket in order to obtain a parking spot must pay $30 to park during the week ($3 on the weekend).  Any permit parker (or any student who has not purchased a parking permit) violating the Eckstein Hall policy or parking in areas designated as fire lanes or other spots off-limits to vehicles and/or permit parkers will be subject to fines and revocation of Eckstein Hall parking privileges, as specified below.  

In the event of parking equipment malfunction (gate not opening, inaccurate space availability appearing on signage, MUID card rejected, etc.), the permit parker will proceed to his or her assigned lot to park.  Should the permit parker push the intercom button for assistance, the Welcome Desk staff member answering the intercom is instructed to not raise the gate but rather direct the permit parker to his or her assigned lot.  The only time the gate will be raised is if there is a line of cars behind the vehicle, preventing it from backing up.  In that instance, the gate will be raised and the permit parker will drive directly to the exit lane where that gate will be raised to allow the permit parker to leave.  Any permit parker ignoring the directive to park in his or her assigned lot and instead parking in that garage level will be subject to fines and revocation of Eckstein Hall parking privileges.  Student permit parkers are governed by Section 902 of the Law School Academic Regulations  in their behavior toward other students, faculty members, staff, and University Public Safety officers.

Permit parkers are issued a permit for usage to park one vehicle in any one campus parking structure/lot. It is not to be shared; only one vehicle per permit is allowed. Individuals found sharing their hangtag or gate card will be in violation of the Eckstein Hall Parking Policy and subject to the penalties listed below.

Please note that parking in Lot J (behind the Church of the Gesu) is not permitted at any time. Students parking in Lot J will be considered in violation of this policy and will be subject to the penalties listed below. 

There is no overnight parking and no motorcycle or motor scooter parking in Eckstein Hall levels.  Please contact the Office of Parking Services for information on overnight parking and parking options for motorcycles/motor scooters/mopeds.

The schedule of penalties for offenders is the following:

  • First-time offender:  one-year ban from parking in Eckstein Hall and a $75 parking fine.
  • Multiple-time offender:  ban from parking in Eckstein Hall for the remainder of his or her time at the Law School; $75 parking fine for the first instance and $40 parking fine for each time thereafter; and referral to the Judicial Committee, at the discretion of Law School administration.