Amending Your Law School Application

In order to amend your law school admission application, you will need to send Law School Registrar Nicole Toerpe Mason a business letter (including the date and your address) that

  1. indicates what you did not disclose, your reason for not disclosing it ("I forgot" or "I didn't realize this is what it was asking for" is just fine) and
  2. a statement that this omission was not in any way intended to mislead the Law School.

Dean Thomson will respond via letter and your letter, as well as a copy of her response, will be attached to your application and retained in your permanent file at the Law School.  The letter to Registrar Toerpe Mason may be brought to the Student Affairs Suite (Room 238), it does not have to be mailed.  The letter can also be sent as an attachment to an email to Registrar Toerpe Mason but the explanation itself cannot be in email form.  It must be a business-type letter that will be printed and placed in your Law School file.

If you've been notified by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) that you must amend your law school admission application, simply indicate in your letter to Registrar Toerpe Mason that this request is in response to an inquiry from the BBE.  Registrar Toerpe Mason will then copy the BBE officials on her response to your request.