Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program at Marquette University Law School is designed to provide all students with the tools necessary to achieve success in their legal education. By incorporating learning-science research into workshops, review sessions, and individual meetings, the Academic Success Program provides students with an opportunity to test and develop their knowledge of material delivered in class, create an individualized study plan, and utilize strategies that maximize the prospects for academic success.

The Academic Success Program has four primary components:

  • Student Success Program (SSP): Throughout students' first year, SSP provides sessions and workshops designed to help build the skills students need to be successful in law school and legal practice. Topics covered include case briefing, note synthesis, course outlining, time and stress management, and preparing for exams. Workshops are coordinated by upper-level student leaders (SSP leaders) and the assistant dean of students. Participation in SSP is voluntary.
  • Academic Success Program (ASP): Weekly ASP sessions provide course-specific review led by upper-level students (ASP leaders). ASP leaders guide first-year students in interactive, skill-building exercises that allow students to retain, process, and apply course material in preparation for their exams. During the first year of law school, students have the opportunity to attend three ASP sessions a week (one for each doctrinal course). Participation in ASP is voluntary.
  • Individual Academic Counseling: Assistant Dean of Students Anna Fodor is available to meet with students who would like to discuss their study strategies, review practice work, or have other academic questions or concerns. If you would like to meet to discuss your individual academic plan, please do not hesitate to reach out.
  • Bar Success Program: For those students who choose to take a bar exam, the Law School offers three upper-level courses to prepare students for bar success. Graduates also have access to a supplemental bar-success workshop series during the summer after graduation. All students who plan to take a bar exam upon graduation are strongly encouraged to contact Professor Pagel to design their individualized course track and discuss strategies for success.

For more information about the above, please contact Dean Fodor.