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Academic Year 2019-20 Locker Requests

Starting on Monday, August 5, returning students may request a locker by following the link on their individual profile page when logged in to the Law School website. Requests received on or before August 16 will be assigned to a locker (the locker number and combination will be listed on your profile page) by end of the day on August 19. Requests received after August 16 will be assigned and the combination will be available on your profile page within three business days. The cost to rent a locker for the academic year is $25 and must be paid at the time of request. 


Contact: Jenny Chick

Fitness Center Sign-Up and Hours for the Academic Year

All law students are eligible to use the fitness center on the 4th floor. In order to access the fitness center, students must complete and submit the Fitness Center Policy Agreement. Once you complete the agreement, access will be given within two business days and will continue until you graduate. You do not need to complete a new agreement each year.

Admitted/incoming 1L students and transfer students will not be able to access the fitness center until the first full day of New Student Orientation, which is Monday, August 19. Requests can be submitted starting on Thursday, August 15. Any requests received prior to that date will be declined, and you will be asked to resubmit a new request starting on August 15.

Fitness Center Hours: The fitness center opens when the Law School opens and closes 30 minutes before the Law School closes. During final exam periods, hours are restricted and will be publicized both in Law News and outside of the fitness center.

Contact: Jenny Chick

Join the Marquette Law Mentorship Program

The Marquette Law Mentorship Program pairs first-year law students with upper-class mentors to help ease the transition into law school. Mentors and mentees are paired based on academic interests, hometowns, hobbies or other common interests. A couple of formal events will be planned over the semester, but events mainly serve as a gateway to encourage further and more frequent contact between mentors and mentees. The program is designed to create genuine friendships that benefit both mentor and mentee.

If you would like to participate, fill out this short form and await your pairing!

If you have any questions please contact MLM Co-Chairs Wynetta McIntosh or Ashley Rossman.

Contact: Ashley Rossman

Marquette Prohibits Motorized Scooter Use On Campus Property

Knowing the City of Milwaukee is piloting dockless scooters, the Marquette University Police Department led a thorough review about the impact of such motorized vehicles on campus safety, which included input from leaders across functions and consultation with Marquette University Student Government. As a result, Marquette University is prohibiting the use of motorized scooters on campus property, effective immediately, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Joel Pogodzinski announced.

Under the new policy, all motorized scooters — including the rentable dockless variety operated by companies such as Lime, Bird and Spin — are banned from use on any campus property, including walkways and sidewalks within the campus. The new policy also applies to other personal motorized vehicles, including but not limited to electric bicycles, electric skateboards, hoverboards, Segways, and mopeds.

MUPD will enforce the new policy. Additionally, MUPD will enforce all city ordinances and traffic laws related to motorized scooter operations, particularly their use on public sidewalks, which is strictly prohibited.

Click here to read the complete University article.

Contact: Christine Wilczynski-Vogel, Associate Dean for External Relations, Events, and Facilities