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Summer and Post-Graduation Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw Access

Continuing students: You will have unrestricted access to your Bloomberg Law and Lexis accounts this summer. There is no need to register and you do not have to limit use to academic purposes during the summer months. (You must limit use of your Lexis account to academic purposes during the regular academic school year.) You will also have access to your Westlaw account this summer, including Practical Law, but must continue to limit use of this account to non-commercial purposes. Non-commercial purposes include summer coursework, Research Assistant assignments, law review or journal work, moot court research, unpaid non-profit public interest work, clinical work for credit, and internships/externships for credit through the law school.

Graduating students: Your unrestricted Bloomberg Law access continues for six months after you graduate. Access to Lexis continues through December 31, 2020, and use is not restricted to academic purposes after you graduate. After July 5, your view when you sign into the Lexis Law School home page will change to a Graduate home page where you will be able to access resources, videos, career support, breaking legal news, and redeem a graduation gift from Lexis. Graduates, you must redeem any LexisNexis Rewards by June 30, 2020 or those points will expire. Your post-graduation access to Westlaw continues for the next year, but you must enroll in the Grad Elite program to take advantage of this extended access. If you haven’t already enrolled, click here to take that important step. Like post-graduation BLaw and Lexis access, your Grad Elite access is not restricted to academic or other non-commercial purposes after graduation. Expect to receive an email from Professor Olson with additional information about this extended Westlaw access after the exam period. Your continued access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw is tied to the graduation date in your account profiles for each system.

All: Employers or organizations with which you volunteer or intern might require or prefer that you use firm/organization accounts rather than database access through your school account. Please be sure to understand and comply with relevant practices and policies. Importantly, you must not share your Marquette-affiliated account credentials or access with anyone, including classmates or colleagues at work who have their own accounts.

Please contact us at the Reference Desk if you have questions about these or other resources or if you have other questions or research needs this summer and beyond.

Contact: Elana Olson

Law News: Summer Edition Announcement

Beginning Monday, May 11, and throughout the summer, Law News will be sent out only on Monday mornings. Through these summer editions of Law News, we hope to continue to provide the entire Law School community with frequent and regular information about Law School programming and updates.  

If you would like an announcement to be included in a summer edition of Law News, please make sure to submit your post by noon on Fridays. 

Contact: Sarah DiStefano

Bluebook Online Access for Journal Write-On Competitions

Do you need access to the Bluebook online for a journal write-on competition because you don't have access to your print copy during this continued period of remote learning? Marquette law students can complete a form at to request a "key" to setup temporary online access. I will email you your access key within one business day of your request. 

After you receive your key, visit and enter your key in the "Bluebook Key Redemption" box. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a username (this should be a unique and active email address; consider using your address) and password. You will use the key once. After you create your account, your access will be with your username and password. This online access is for 60 days from the date you activate access.

What if you requested a “key’’ to create an account during the semester and your 60 days expires before the end of the write-on competition? You can request one additional “key” for purposes of write-on work if your access expires before you complete the write-on and you still don't have access to your print Bluebook. After you receive this new key, you can follow the same process you did to setup your initial access, this time creating a new account using a different email address. Another option: When signed into your existing account, choose “My Account” at the top of the page, click the radio button for “My Account Renewal/Extension,” and then enter your “key” in the “Redeem Your Bluebook Key” box.

Contact: Elana Olson

Locker Clean-Out Updates

Thank you for your patience! If you have a locker and indiciated on the request form that you still have items in your locker, or if you did not respond to the form initially, you will be receiving an email later today with more information regarding locker clean out appointments. If you indicated that you do not need to retrieve items, you will not receive an email. If that status changes and you now need to pick up items, please contact Jenny Chick or Sarah DiStefano to select an appointment time. No walk ins will be available. 

Contact: Jenny Chick

New Episode of 12th and Michigan Available

This week's episode of 12th and Michigan is now available for streaming! To listen, click here.

Contact: Dean Fodor