Summer & Post-Graduation Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw Access

Continuing students: Your Bloomberg Law and Lexis accounts are available for you to use this summer and can be used for any purpose. (Lexis and Westlaw terms generally limit use to academic purposes during the regular academic school year.) Some organizations require that you use employer accounts for all work-related purposes, so understand your organization's policies if you consider using one of these accounts at work. You will also continue to have access to your Westlaw account, including Practical Law, but must limit use to non-commercial purposes. Other databases to which you have remote access through the Law Library, such as HeinOnline, will continue to be available to you this summer.

Graduating students: Your unrestricted Bloomberg Law access continues for six months after you graduate. Lexis access for May graduates is available until December 31, 2018, and your Marquette-affiliated ID will convert to a Graduate ID in July. To learn more about Lexis for graduates, including the ASPIRE program for nonprofit work, visit For Westlaw access through Thomson Reuters’ Grad Elite program, register by selecting an option you should see when you log in at This provides 60 hours of access per month through November for non-commercial use. Because access is based on the graduation date listed in your account profile, it is important that you update that date if it sooner or later than the date you used when you created or last updated your account. Please contact Professor Olson at for assistance updating that information for Lexis or Westlaw.

If you have questions about access to these or other Law Library databases and resources, or research more generally this summer or anytime, please contact a Reference Librarian.

Contact: Elana Olson