Book Marq Fall 2019 Book Rental Return Deadline-UPDATED

The Book Marq is aware of the difference for the academic schedule for the LAW courses versus those of the rest of the Marquette campus. We are also aware that there is concern for the return date for rented textbooks from our bookstore, which was originally December 14. 

In order to better serve your needs and eliminate any undue stress at the time of finals, the Book Marq has changed the rental due date to December 20. Messaging received later this semester will reflect this change, so you will have until the day after the last final at the Law School, which is December 19, to return any rented textbooks back to the Book Marq. 

Please contact the bookstore or store manager Pete Fronk if you have any questions or concerns at 414-288-7317 or at

Contact: Pete Fronk