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NAAC Team Advances to Octofinals in Boston

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
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After three rounds of oral argument at the National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC) regional in Boston this past weekend, Marquette University Law School students Tamara Johnson (3L) and Henry Twomey ... Read more »

A New Era: The Rule of Law in the Trump Administration

Friday, January 20th, 2017
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Well, here we are, January 20, 2017, and Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as this nation’s 45th president, though he achieved that position by losing the popular vote ... Read more »

An Election Day Primer for Wisconsin Voters*

Monday, November 7th, 2016
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Tomorrow is Election Day. It’s important to vote, so make sure you know where and when you can cast your ballot. New for Wisconsin voters this year is a photo ... Read more »

Congratulations to AWL Scholarship Winners Dockendorff and Roelandts

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
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Today, September 27, 2016, the Milwaukee Association for Women Lawyers (AWL) Foundation honored two Marquette University Law School students with scholarships. Hannah Dockendorff, 3L (pictured at left), received the AWL Foundation ... Read more »

Legal Issues and Pokémon Go

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
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Okay, I admit it. I’m playing Pokémon Go. It’s frustratingly addictive. For those who don’t know, Pokémon Go is an app for smartphones; the app is free, but players can make ... Read more »

When is it Plagiarism?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016
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Last night’s Republican National Convention has thrust “plagiarism” to the forefront of the news. One of last night’s speakers was Melania Trump, the wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald ... Read more »

Trump’s Rhetoric, Proposed Policies, and the Rule of Law

Monday, June 27th, 2016
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For some, presumptive Republican nominee for president Donald J. Trump’s biggest appeal is his blustery persona and his take-no-prisoners attitude in his quest to “Make America Great Again.” For example, ... Read more »

Commonly Confused Words, Part VII

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
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Here is my final set of commonly confused words. My other posts on commonly confused words are here (that/which/who; more than/over; few(er)/less; amount/number; farther/further; since/because/as; among/between; who/whom; attain/obtain), here (a/an/the; ... Read more »

Commonly Confused Words, Part VI

Monday, June 6th, 2016
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Back with more sets of commonly confused words. While some may think the words on my lists are elementary, I assure you that I am choosing specific sets because I ... Read more »

Commonly Confused Words, Part V

Monday, May 9th, 2016
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I’ve previously posted on words that writers, particularly lawyers, commonly confuse. Those posts are here (that/which/who, more than/over, few(er), less, amount/number, farther/further, since/because/as, among/between, who/whom, attain/obtain), here (a/an/the, counsel/council, e.g.,/i.e., ... Read more »

NAAC Team Competes in Nationals

Monday, April 11th, 2016
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The National Appellate Advocacy Competition started with 193 teams. Six regional competitions later, only 24 advanced to the national competition in Chicago April 7-9. One team from Marquette was among ... Read more »

NAAC Teams Rock Brooklyn Regional; One Advances to Nationals

Sunday, February 21st, 2016
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Thirty-three teams from across the country arrived in Brooklyn at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York on February 18, all prepared to present oral ... Read more »