Jenkins Honors Moot Court Competitors Advance to Quarterfinals

Congratulations to the students in the Jenkins Honors Moot Court Competition who have moved on to the quarterfinal round of the competition. The students will be competing on Saturday, April 6 at 2:30 p.m. to determine which teams will be advancing to the semifinal round on Sunday, April 7 at 10:00 a.m.

The following teams will be competing in the quarterfinals:

Nicholas Wanic and Luis Gutierrez

Julie Leary and Elizabeth Elving

Allison Mignon and Mikal Roberson

Emily Turzinski and Brighton Troha

Brooke Erickson and Micaela Haggenjos

Adam Vanderheyden and Jason Findling

Cole Dunn and Peter Klepacz

Marnae Mawdsley and Mitchell Kiffmeyer

Congratulations to all the participants in the competition. We also very much appreciate the alumni and other attorneys who volunteered to grade briefs and who served as judges in the four preliminary rounds. We appreciate their time and assistance every year.

The final round of the Jenkins competition will take place on Thursday, April 11, at 5:15 p.m. in the Lubar Center.

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NAAC Teams Win Third and Fourth Best Briefs, Advance to Regional Semifinal Rounds at Boston Regional

one woman and two men, all law students, stand before a courtroom door
Lizzy King, Jad Itani, and Travis Yang
three women, all law students, stand in front of a courtroom door
Anna Meulbroek, Zeinat Hindi, and Libby Grabow

Thirty teams from across the country arrived in Boston at the Boston Municipal Court Department on February 28, all prepared to present oral arguments in the National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC) regional. Two Marquette Law teams were among those and both made an impact.

Jad Itani, Elizabeth (Lizzy) King, and Travis Yang were seeded 13th after three rounds of argument. They advanced to the fourth (regional semifinal) round but faced a tough bench while arguing respondent’s side, a tough argument in the context of the Eighth Amendment issues presented. They lost that fourth round. King had a strong performance at oral argument in the second round, despite battling some unfortunate shellfish poisoning; Itani had to sub in for her in the third and fourth rounds, despite not having argued that side at all. Their team’s brief was named third best in the region.

Elizabeth (Libby) Grabow, Zeinat Hindi, and Anna Meulbroek were seeded 3rd after three rounds, but they, too, faced a tough bench in the fourth round. Unfortunately, they lost that round, but delivered consistently high-quality oral arguments in every round. After the third round, the judges commended them for their winning performance and encouraged each of them to continue with litigation work. Their team’s brief was named fourth best in the region.

This year was the first in memory where both teams advanced to the regional semifinal round and both teams received brief awards. Marquette has much to be proud of.

Both teams were assisted by practitioner coaches Elleny Christopolous, Kate Maternowski, and Zachary Willenbrink (L’11). Thank you, too, to practice judges Professors Ed Fallone and Elana Olson; Judge J.P. Stadtmueller (L’67), law clerk Nathan Bader and law clerk Joan Harms; City of Milwaukee attorneys James Carroll (L’08), Bill Davidson (L’17), Patricia Fricker, Katryna Rhodes; Meredith Donaldson (L’18); and former NAAC competitors Lucas Bennewitz (L’15), Ali Klimko (L’17), Andrew Lawton (L’18), and Adam Woodside (L’18).

Congratulations to team members for their outstanding representation of Marquette Law.




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Moot Court Association Names Participants in the 2019 Jenkins Honors Moot Court Competition

The Jenkins Honors Moot Court Competition is the appellate moot court competition for Marquette law students and is the capstone event of the intramural moot court program. Students are invited to participate based on their top performance in the fall Appellate Writing and Advocacy course at the Law School. 

Congratulations to the participants in the 2019 Jenkins Honors Moot Court Competition:

Charles Bowen

Colin (Cole) Dunn

Elizabeth Elving

Brooke Erickson

Jason Findling

Luis Gutierrez

Micaela Haggenjos

Mitchell Kiffmeyer

Peter Klepacz

Julie Leary

Marnae Mawdsley

Alison Mignon

Kieran O’Day

Kylie Owens

Darrin Pribbernow

Mikal Roberson

Jacob Rozema

Caleb Tomaszewski

Brighton Troha

Emily Turzinski

Alexander Sterling

Adam Vanderheyden

Nick Wanic

Sadie Zurfluh

The Jenkins preliminary rounds begin March 30, 2019, with the winning teams progressing through the quarterfinals, then semifinals, to the finals. The final round will take place April 11, 2019. All rounds are open to the public. Stay tuned for more information.

Correction (1/4/19): Earlier, this post said the final round was April 7, 2019; however, the correct date is April 11, 2019.

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