Joseph Kearney - Recent Publications and Presentations

Contested Shore: Property Rights in Reclaimed Land and the Battle for Streeterville, 107 Northwestern University Law Review 1057 (2013) (with Thomas W. Merrill).

The Last Assembly of Interstate Commerce Act Lawyers, 95 Marquette Law Review 1123 (2012) (foreword to 125 Years Since the Interstate Commerce Act: A Symposium in the Form of a Final Convocation) (symposium editor with James B. Speta).

Private Rights in Public Lands: The Chicago Lakefront, Montgomery Ward, and the Public Dedication Doctrine, 105 Northwestern University Law Review 1417 (2011) (with Merrill).

Laying the Foundation, 93 Marquette Law Review 1257 (2010) (foreword to Legacies of Lincoln Symposium) (symposium editor with Daniel D. Blinka).

The Origins of the American Public Trust Doctrine: What Really Happened in Illinois Central, 71 University of Chicago Law Review 799 (2004) (with Merrill).

The Print Media and Judicial Elections: Some Case Studies from Wisconsin, 85 Marquette Law Review (2002) (with Howard B. Eisenberg). 

Will the FCC Go the Way of the ICC?, 71 University of Colorado Law Review 1153 (2000).

The Influence of Amicus Curiae Briefs on the Supreme Court, 148 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 743 (2000) (with Merrill)

From the Fall of the Bell System to the Telecommunications Act: Regulation of Telecommunications Under Judge Greene, 50 Hastings Law Journal 1395 (1999). 

The Great Transformation of Regulated Industries Law, 98 Columbia Law Review1323 (1998) (with Merrill). 

Twilight of the FCC?, 1 Green Bag 243 (1998) (reviewing Peter Huber, Law and Disorder in Cyberspace: Abolish the FCC and Let the Common Law Rules the Telecosm (1997))