Judith McMullen - Recent Publications and Presentations

Law Reviews

“Invisible Stripes: The Problem of Youth Criminal Records,” 27 S. Cal. Rev. of Law & Social Justice 1 (2018)

“Addressing Abusive Conduct in Youth Sports,” 25 Marq. Sports L. Rev. 181 (2014)

“Spousal Support in the 21st Century,” 29 Wisconsin J. of Law, Gender & Society 1 (2014)

“Scientific, Social & Legal Perspectives on Obesity: What Grown-Ups Need To Know,” 14 Marq. Elder’s Advisor 305 (2013).

“Alimony: What Social Science and Popular Culture Tell Us About Women, Guilt, and Spousal Support After Divorce,” 19 Duke J. of Gender Law & Policy 41 (2011)

Why Do We Need A Lawyer?: An Empirical Study of Divorce Cases, (with Debra Oswald), 12JOURNAL OF LAW & FAMILY STUDIES 57 (Winter 2010). 

Keeping Peace in the Family While You Are Resting in Peace: Making Sense of and Preventing Will Contests, 8 MARQUETTE ELDER'S ADVISOR 61 (Fall, 2006). 

Underage Drinking: Does Current Policy Make Sense?, 10 LEWIS & CLARK LAW REVIEW 333 (Summer, 2006). 

"You Can't Make Me!" How Expectations of Parental Control Over Adolescents Influence the Law, 35 LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO LAW JOURNAL 603 (Winter, 2004). 

Behind Closed Doors: Should States Regulate Homeschooling?, 54 SOUTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW 75 (2002). 

The Professional Athlete: Issues in Child Support, 12 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 411 (Fall 2001). 

Father (Or Mother) Knows Best: An Argument Against Including Post-Majority Educational Expenses In Court-Ordered Child Support, 34 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 342 (2001). 

Planning for a Disabled Child, 1 ELDER?S ADVISOR: THE JOURNAL OF ELDER LAW 1 (Fall 1999). 

Prodding the Payor and Policing the Payee: Using Child Support Trusts to Create an Incentive For Prompt Payment of Support Obligations, 32 NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW 439 (1998). 



Appellate Court Implementation of Divorce Act Reforms: The Wisconsin in Maintenance Experience, 15 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF FAMILY LAW 223 (Fall 2001). 


Bar Journals

Pro Se Trends and Divorce in Wisconsin WISCONSIN LAWYER 14 (June 2010).