Melissa Love Koenig - Recent Publications and Presentations


Secrecy in Settlements: A Counterpoint, Wisconsin Lawyer, December 2003 (with J. Ric Gass and Thomas K. Mullins).


Legal Writing Institute, Jim Dimitri, Melissa Greipp & Susie Salmon, The Moot Court Advisor's Handbook: A Guide for Law Students, Faculty, and Practitioners (2015).

Book Chapter

General Rules of Citation, WISCONSIN GUIDE TO CITATION (7th ed. 2012).


Wrongful Death Chapter, WISCONSIN LAW OF DAMAGES (with J. Ric Gass), (2004).


Co-Presenter, Artificial Intelligence Won't Replace Artisan Lawyering--Telling the Hidden Story, with Julie Oseid and Amy Vorenberg, 2018 LWI Biennial Legal Writing Institute (LWI) Conference, Marquette University Law School (July 13, 2018).

Co-Presenter, Building a Story/Storey:  Using Story During Oral Argument, with Julie Oseid and Amy Vorenberg, 2015 Southeastern Legal Writing Conference, University of Miami School of Law (January 23, 2016).

Panel Presentation, Arc of Your Career Session, Joining the Administration:  Law School & University Leadership for Law School Professors, with Susan H. Duncan, Rebekah Hanley, Grace Hum, and Carol Parker, 110th AALS Annual Meeting (January 10, 2016).

Cutting-Edge Briefs: Editing to Craft an Eloquent Appellate Brief, Successful Practice Before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Marquette Law School (October 30, 2015).

Panel Presentation, Leading in Student Services and Organizations, with Michael Fakhri, Rebekah Hanley, Connie Krontz, and Clifford Zimmerman, 2015 Northwest Legal Writing Conference:  Legal Writing and Leadership, University of Oregon School of Law (April 25, 2015).

Co-Presenter, Advocating for a Rule to Build Probative Briefs, with Elizabeth Inglehart, Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, University of New Mexico School of Law (March 7, 2015).

Panel Presentation, Oral Argument Techniques, with Joseph Bugni, Beth Hanan, and Ellen Henak, Appellate Practice Workshop, Marquette Law School, co-hosted with the Appellate Practice Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin (October 25, 2014).

Panel Presentation, Teaching Brief Writing: Some Successful Approaches, with Barbara Kritchevsky and Susan Salmon, Moot Court Conference, Marquette Law School (October 25, 2014).

Presenter, The Shift to Persuasion: Advertisements as Tools of Persuasion, LWI One-Day Workshop at Marquette Law School, Marquette Law School (December 6, 2013).

Presenter, Teaching Take-Away: "How and Why"—Deepening Legal Reasoning, Central States Legal Writing Conference, University of Kansas School of Law (September 28, 2013).

Co-Presenter, Directorless But Not Without Direction: The Workings of Marquette Law School's Director- and Coordinator-Free Legal Writing Program, with Susan Bay, Rebecca Blemberg, Jacob Carpenter, Alison Julien, and Lisa Mazzie, Association of Legal Writing Directors 2013 Biennial Conference, Marquette Law School (June 27, 2013).

Panel Presentation, Moot Court Advisors' Roundtable, with James Dimitri, Ardath Hamann, Allison Martin, and Robert Sherwin, Legal Writing Institute (LWI) 15th Biennial Conference, Palm Desert, California (May 30, 2012).

Presenter, May It Please the Court: Fresh Approaches to Oral Advocacy, Creating Practice-Ready Assignments and Exercises Legal Writing Conference, New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers, UNH School of Law (December 16, 2011).

Presenter, Advocating for a New Rule of Law in an Appellate Brief, Central States Region Legal Writing Conference, John Marshall Law School, Chicago (September 17, 2011).

Panel Presentation, Moot Court Advisors' Roundtable, with Coleen Barger, James Dimitri, and Allison Martin, Legal Writing Institute (LWI) 14th Biennial Conference, Marco Island, Florida (June 29, 2010).

Presenter, Overcoming Logical Fallacies, Central States Region Legal Writing Conference, Marquette University Law School, Milwaukee (October 10, 2009).

Presenter, The Bounds of Storytelling: Using Classical Greek and Roman Rhetoric to Shape the Ethics of Storytelling in Modern Litigation, Applied Storytelling Conference, Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland (July 23, 2009).

Panel Presentation, Moot Court Advisors' Roundtable, with Coleen Barger and James Dimitri, Legal Writing Institute (LWI) 13th Biennial Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana (July 2008).

Presenter, On the Road from Babylon: Talking About CREAC, CRuPAC, and Other Syllogistic Paradigms, Central States Regional Legal Writing Conference, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law (October 6, 2007).

Presenter, Self-Assessment: Understanding How Students' Perceptions of Their Writing Strengths and Weaknesses Can Make You a Better Teacher, Association of Legal Writing Directors National Biennial Conference, Denver, Colorado (June 15, 2007).

Presenter, Using Persuasive Writing Techniques to Draft Winning Briefs, Country Springs Hotel, Waukesha, Wisconsin (May 16, 2006).

Co-Presenter, I Meant What I Said, and I Said What I Meant: Incorporating Ethics Lessons into Legal Writing Classes, with Rebecca Blemberg and Lisa Mazzie, Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing Conference (March 17, 2006).

Co-Presenter, Legal Writing: A Timeless Skill, with Jessica Slavin, Association of Women Lawyer's Meeting, Italian Community Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (March 10, 2006).

Co-Presenter, Teaching Ethics in Legal Writing, with Rebecca Blemberg and Lisa Mazzie, Central States Regional Legal Writing Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana (September 24, 2005).