Public Service & Pro Bono

Marquette Law School has long been attuned to the necessity to reconcile its mission within a Jesuit University with its dedication to develop excellent legal practitioners regardless of faith tradition or motivation. Several past deans have written about the distinctiveness of the Marquette Lawyer, the important relationship between Marquette University and its Law School, and the unique contribution the Law School can make to the local community.

Most notably, the late dean Howard B. Eisenberg (1995-2002) witnessed to the lawyer's duty to serve the least advantaged. Dean Eisenberg's writings emphasize the importance for lawyers to provide voluntary legal service and himself was widely recognized for his extensive pro bono work in criminal defense.  The Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic is a lasting tribute to Howard Eisenberg's dedication to pro bono services.  Marquette alumni, both recent and from years past, are welcome to join us.

For more information about pro bono opportunities and services at Marquette University Law School, contact the director of pro bono legal services, Angela Schultz.