Vada Lindsey - Recent Publications and Presentations


Real Estate Finance in a Nutshell (West 7th ed. 2017).

Law Reviews

Encouranging Savings Under the Earned Income Tax Credit: A Nudge in the Right Direction, 44 U. MICH. J.L. REFORM 83 (2010).

Symposium, The Vulnerability of Using Tax Incentives in Wisconsin, 88 MARQ. L. REV. 107 (2004).

The Charitable Contribution Deduction: A Historical Review and a Look to the Future, 81 NEB. L. REV. 1056-1096 (2003). 

The Widening Gap Under the Internal Revenue Code: The Need for Renewed Progressivity, 5FLORIDA TAX REVIEW 1 (2001). 

The Burden of Being Poor: Increased Tax Liability? The Taxation of Self-Help Programs, 9KANSAS JOURNAL OF LAW & PUBLIC POLICY 225 (Winter 1999). 


Tax Planning for Retirement, 88 MARQ. ELDER'S ADVISOR 31 (2006). 

Book Reviews

Book Review, ((reviewing RABIN AND KWALL, FUNDAMENTALS OF MODERN REAL PROPERTY LAW, 3rd Edition (1992)), 22 The Essence of Property Law 977 (1999).