Anne Wall “Top Scholar in Sports Law Award”

Students receiving their awards

Created in 2017, and supported by the generosity of National Sports Law Institute Board of Advisors member Anne Wall, this annual award recognizes the graduating third year Sports Law Certificate candidate who has demonstrated the highest level of legal research and writing ability while completing their law degree at Marquette University Law School.

ELIGIBILITY: All members of any Marquette University Law School third year class, who will earn the National Sports Law Institute’s Sports Law Certificate upon graduation from Marquette, are eligible to be considered for this Award.  Applicants must agree to attend the National Sports Law Institute’s Annual Award Banquet, typically held on the Friday after the last day of the spring semester.

REVIEW COMMITTEE: A distinguished committee of members of the NSLI’s Board of Advisors, including Anne Wall, will review candidates each spring semester.  Professors Anderson and Mitten will assist the committee in its review of candidates.

CRITERA FOR REVIEW:  Factors the committee will review to determine the winner of the “Top Scholar in Sports Law Award,” include,

  1. A candidate’s overall grade point average.
  2. A candidate’s grade point average in research and writing courses taken at Marquette University Law School.
    • Courses that can be included are those designated as legal research and writing based, law school seminars, and other courses with extensive research and writing requirements, such as the Appellate Writing and Advocacy course.
    • Students who are completing these courses during their last semester in law school may ask their individual professor to provide a short assessment of the quality of their work to Professor Anderson.
  3. Work produced in the courses used to calculate the research and writing GPA in #2 above.
    • If courses have been completed, applicants will be asked to provide copies of the work they submitted for individual courses.
  4. Review of the candidate’s student comment produced for the Marquette Sports Law Review.
    • This review will include the editorial board’s review of the student’s comment as confidentially provided to Professor Anderson.
    • Candidates may be asked to submit their comment, or the progress they have made on it so far, for review.

TIMING & SELECTION: Students must fill out the online candidate application form during the earlier part of the spring semester of their third year in law school. 

AWARD: The winner of the Anne Wall "Top Scholar in Sports Law Award" each year will receive a $1,000 award supported by Anne Wall.