Collegiate Issues in Sports Law Writing Competition

Christian Bray

Created in 2020, and supported by the generosity of Sports Law Program alum Christian Bray, class of 2014, and currently the Associate Athletic Director of Athletics Compliance at Harvard, the “Collegiate Issues in Sports Law Writing Competition” recognizes the Marquette University Law School student who writes the best essay focused on an important collegiate athletics related issue in the sport industry, as judged by the Competition Review Committee. 

ELIGIBILITY: In order to be considered for this award, a student must be

  1. Enrolled within the juris doctorate program at Marquette University Law School,
  2. A member of the Sports Law Society, or a Sports Law Certificate candidate, and
  3. In good academic standing at the law school, at the time the competition entry is submitted.

CRITERA FOR REVIEW AND ESSAY REQUIREMENTS:  Factors the committee will review to determine the winner of the “Collegiate Issues in Sports Law Writing Award,” inclu


  1. Professor Anderson will verify that all candidates meet the eligibility requirements above.
  2. Applicants must agree to attend the National Sports Law Institute’s Annual Award Banquet, typically held on the Friday after the last day of the spring semester.


Each candidate must submit an original, thought provoking, and well researched essay focused on an interesting legal matter that directly or indirectly affects intercollegiate athletics. The essay should examine the intersection between the topic and intercollegiate athletics, in addition to recommending a course of action to address the issue in the future. Questions a student should attempt to answer within their essay include:

  1. How does the legal issue intersect with intercollegiate athletics?
  2. What is the appropriate legal or governing body response to this issue?
  3. What course of action is recommended to address the issue in the future?


  1. The essay must be no less than 10 and no more than 15 double spaced pages in length.
  2. Minimal citations in proper bluebook form should be included within footnotes.
  3. Font
    • The essay should be written in Times New Roman 12-point font.
    • Footnotes should be in 10-point Times New Roman font, with no spaces between the footnotes.
  4. A title page including the student’s name, year in school, and the title of the essay should be included and will not count within the page limit.

REVIEW COMMITTEE: A distinguished committee of Sports Law Program alumni, including Christian Bray, will review candidates each spring semester.  Professors Anderson and Mitten will assist the committee in its review of candidates.


  • All Competition submissions are due Wednesday, March 22, 2024.
  • The Winner of the “Collegiate Issues in Sports Law Writing Award” will be announced at the Annual Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 19, 2024.


AWARD: The winner of the " Collegiate Issues in Sports Law Writing Award " will receive a $500 award supported by Christian Bray.