Emerging Legal Issues in Esports (Conference Materials 2018)

Emerging Legal Issues in Esports

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  • Moderator:
    • Lance Spaude (L’16), Associate, Poker Royalty, Las Vegas, Nevada, and member, Sports Law Alumni Association
  • Panelists:
    • Nathaniel Blair, General Counsel, Hi-Rez Studios and Skillshot Media, Atlanta, Georgia
    • Roger Quiles, founding partner, Quiles Law, Staten Island, New York
    • James Sullivan (L’01), President, Poker Royalty, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada, and member, NSLI Board of Advisors and Sports Law Alumni Association
    • Michael J. Wall, of counsel, member, Transactional & Securities Practice and the Sports Industry Team, Foley & Lardner LLP, Boston, Massachusetts



Emerging Legal Issues in Esports


  • Esports currently has several different governing bodies and different rules and regulations for different competitions, do you see a time or need for a more centralized or national governance structure?
  • How do you foresee eSports regulatory bodies handling potential doping, cheating, or match-fixing?
  • There also are some conflicts between publishers of some of the games and possible ownership of game or event broadcasts of these games, how do you work in this environment and deal with these potential conflicts?
  • How have eSports participants/athletes capitalized on their images/likenesses while acting as members of various organized teams and competing on publisher platforms that have existing copyright protections?
  • Do you foresee eSports participants/athletes attempting to create some sort of trade association or union to fight for their rights in pay, etc., and if so, how would you deal with that development?
  • The NCAA and other regulatory bodies have started to look into esports, presumably as a possible sport they could regulate, and derive revenue from, do you believe esports should be regulated similarly to other traditional sports?




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