Recreational Sports Research Resources

This page contains links to information related to recreational sports within the United States. 

Collegiate Recreation Center Information

National Recreational Sport Organization Websites:

Recreational Use Statutes:

Waivers and Release of Liability: 

o   The ABCs of Liability Waivers

  • SportRisk

o   Liability Waivers 101


o   Waivers & Risk Management for Recreation, Fitness & Sport Business

  • US

o   Waivers and Releases

  • Public Health Law Center

o   Waivers and Releases 2011 (PDF)

  • State Bar of Wisconsin

o   Drafting Waiver-of-Liability Agreeements in Wisconsin


Relevant Recreation Statutes in Wisconsin

o   Recreational activities; limitation of property owners’ liability

o   Recreational immunity from liability

o   Government owner liability not limited if charged admission fee

o   Exceptions for private property 

o   Limitation of liability for recreational activities in a school building or on school grounds

o   Required contents of a recreational agreement for activites in a school building or on school grounds

o   Liability of contact sports participants

o   Restrictions on civil liability, assumption of risk at a ski area