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Sports Law Career Resources for Law Students and Alums

The following internet sites were compiled by the National Sports Law Institute as a service primarily to students and alums of the Sports Law Program at Marquette University Law School. The sites are separated into three distinct areas; free sites, subscription based sites, and executive training sites. The National Sports Law Institute does not endorse any particular site, instead it provides them as a service to users of this webpage.


Free Job Search Sites


Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Users must use a keyword search to find jobs; a good search is "athletics” and “compliance." Jobs are divided into categories and after performing a search, selecting the athletics category will display all jobs that are related to athletics. Users may narrow the results by limiting the position sought or the location desired.
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Conduct Detrimental

  • This site’s Job Bulletin provides a list of various job opportunities in sports industry. The site contains job postings for paralegal, general counsel, and even adjust professor positions. Users can simply click the “View Job” button on a specific opportunity and the site will connect you to the application link from there.
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  • CoSIDA stands for College Sports Information Directors of America and is a nationwide organization of professionals at all levels of collegiate athletics. Membership in CoSIDA is available for a fee, however membership is not necessary in order to access the career page. This site provides a listing of career opportunities available in collegiate athletics. Each posting includes the institution name and location, a general description, job duties, qualifications, necessary education, other requirements, a desired start date, and a link to the application.  The website also provides useful career planning and application tips.
  • Contact: Staff Directory

Disney Professional Careers

  • Disney Sports Attractions, Inc. and its affiliates have numerous responsibilities that contribute to the success of their athletic events. Responsibilities include: programming, event management, marketing, merchandise, sponsorship and facility operations at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex, as well as business planning and development for future growth of the complex and the sports business at the Walt Disney World Resort. This site also provides listings for jobs available at ABC, ESPN, and other Walt Disney Company affiliates.
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ESPN Careers

  • This site provides information on the specific career areas one can work in as part of the team at ESPN. It provides an overview of each area as well as a simple trait quiz that can help determine which areas and jobs are a good fit for you. The site also includes a section on what it is like to work at ESPN and their company benefits, as well as information about their veteran hiring initiative. Each job posting includes a “role rundown” defining its location and category, the job responsibilities, preferred and basic qualifications, a job summary, necessary education, and more information about ESPN and the Walt Disney Company. Information about the application process and what to expect is available, and a free account is only required to apply.
  • Contact: For inquiries about disabilities and accommodations ONLY

FOX Sports

  • This branch of the FOX Careers website lists job openings at FOX Sports and its related local branches. Each job posting includes the brand name, job type, location, a job description, a list of job responsibilities, qualifications, and an overview of the company. Each job posting includes a link to apply.
  • Contact: For inquiries about disabilities and accommodations ONLY

Higher Education Jobs

  • This site allows users to search jobs in higher education. Users can narrow their search by category by choosing administrative, faculty, or executive; by location by choosing a state, country, or institution; or by keyword search. A good search is “athletics” and “compliance.”
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  • This website provides many different options for users to utilize while conducting a search. Through the advanced search tab, users can conduct multiple searches including types of jobs, jobs from specific websites, jobs containing certain words, and the location or area where jobs are desired.
  • Contact: E-mail questions or comments

Law Crossing

  • This site allows users to search for jobs in the legal field as well as post their resumes to the site. Users can access and search for jobs by using the search bar to narrow results by keyword or location. By scrolling through the homepage, users can search for jobs in particular practice areas or by location.
  • Contact: E-mail


  • Visitors can search for a job using a category (attorney, intern, law school staff, legal research, etc.) and/or a state. If you find a job posting and want to know more about the employer who posted it, you can click on the Company Profile tab and find contact information for the company there. The home page also has links at the bottom listing specific categories to quicken the search.
  • Contact: E-mail questions or comments

NAIA Career Center

  • Users can find a listing of job openings and opportunities in intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics for NAIA division schools. The career center also has information on job openings at the NAIA national office. Each job posting includes the position name, the institution, the location, a job description, qualifications, how to apply, and contact information for specific inquiries about the position.
  • Contact: Staff Directory

National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

  • Users can search for jobs using the keyword search bar or clicking on the advanced search tab to conduct a specific job search. Once you click on a job that interests you, you can read the job description and qualifications. Additionally, you can apply for the job and upload your resume to the application, which is located on the right sidebar. Some postings also include salary information.
  • Contact: E-mail
    • In Body of E-mail, Include the Following:
      • Organization ID: 804653
      • Organization Name: National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics
      • Website URL: NACDA 
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NCAA Marketplace

  • The home page allows users to search job postings in the national office, the eligibility center, or generally within college athletics. Users can access the search page to conduct a basic search by clicking on the current openings tab. Terms such as “compliance” or “legal” help to limit the returns. Also, once a search is conducted, the field can be limited further by state, education required, country, level, type, or category. Job postings include a full description of the position, qualifications required, what materials must be sent and an address to send to them, contact information for any questions, and some postings include the salary information. The advanced search option allows you to search by both region and category. There are 85 categories to select from including: Commissioner, Compliance Coordinator, Football, Sports Information, Fund Raising, etc. After conducting an initial search, users can choose to conduct an advanced search. By creating a free account, users can save their job searches, resumes, and other documents to the website.
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    • In Body of E-mail, Include the Following:
      • Organization ID: 318382
      • Organization Name: National Collegiate Athletic Association
      • Website URL: NCAA Market

Sports Career Institute

Teamwork Online

  • The bottom of the web page lists job links by league or company.  Examples of employers include: the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, IMG, Learfield Sports, TeamWork Consulting, etc. (Jobs posted on this site automatically include jobs from sites such as NBA Careers.) Each link has different categories for job openings ranging from legal, to internships, to sales and marketing or administration. A green tab that says open is located next to each category of job postings. Clicking on the open tab links to full descriptions of the job openings in each category. These job descriptions include basic details of the position, location of the job, hours, salary, qualification, relocation and housing information, and information on benefits. To apply to a job posting, users must create an account (for free), which requires them to fill out general information and attach a resume.
  • Contact: E-mail General questions


Top USA Jobs

  • This site provides many options for those interested in the sports industry, such as related job searches that allow users to select the category of jobs that interests them. Users can also search for jobs by state, area, job title, and job detail. Jobs that appear can include a detailed summary if the user prefers to read it. The site takes listings from many other job search sites, so it is a great place to start an initial job search.

USA Jobs

  • This site allows users to search for federal employment opportunities across the country. Users can search by keyword or location in order to narrow their search. You can create a profile for free where you can upload resumes and save jobs that interest you.
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  • This site allows users to search USOPC job listings, Olympic Sport Jobs (National Governing Bodies), and USOPC Internships. The USOPC and Olympic Sport job postings include descriptions, conditions of employment, and minimum qualifications.  The USOPC internship job postings include information about what internships are offered and the deadlines for each internship.
  • Contact: Questions or comments

Women Leaders in College Sports

  • This organization helps develop, connect, and advance women who work in the college sports industry and beyond. The organization has a membership option to become further involved and receive even more benefits. The job listing page is open to the public free of charge. The postings include open administrative, coaching/ athletic training, internships/ graduate assistant, and professional jobs. Each posting includes a date, the institution or company, the job location, the job type, the salary range, the preferred education, a short description, employer information, and application instructions.
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Subscription Based Sites

Internships USA

  • Jobs can only be viewed if you are a member. For a subscription fee of $330.00, users can become members of the site and have access to four hard copy resources as well as online access to all listings contained in CEI Internships publications. No sample job postings are available.
  • Contact: E-mail

Jobs in Sports

  • This site requires membership status to view job postings. Membership benefits include access to hundreds of jobs in the areas of sports marketing, sports media, sales, health and fitness, computers and high-tech, and administration/management. Jobs are updated daily. Non-members are able to post their resume on the site without charge and can sign up for a free newsletter. There is also a Sample Jobs tab for non-members to see a sample job posting.
  • Contact: General questions or comments


  • Jobs can be viewed if you are not a member, but you must be a member to apply, post your resume, or post a job.  Membership is free.  This website allows you to search for a job by category, location, and by employer. It also provides links to research cites, newsletters, and directories.
  • Contact: General questions

Sports Agent Directory

  • For $59.95, users gain access to Professional Sports Agents Directory containing contact information for over 3,500 professional sports agents. The site also provides its top sports agent profiles and draft picks from that year. In addition, a link takes users to news stories pertaining to sports agents.
  • FAQs

Sports Career Finder

  • With a free membership, users can search for job and post their resume to the site.  By clicking on a category, users can view detailed descriptions of various jobs that relate to the sports industry.  For example, clicking on the College Sports Jobs tab leads to a list of eight types of jobs in the college field, including Athletic Director, Director of Compliance, and Director of Marketing, with descriptions about each.  Members have access to more detailed description, which include pay information and educational requirements.  In addition, members have access to the Job Center, which includes employer profiles. 
  • Both members and non-members alike may sign up for a free sports job newsletter that includes sports business news, tips on finding a career in sports, and interviews with people in sports.
  • Contact: General questions


Sports Industry Job Board

  • This is an online job board, which includes job listings for organizations across the sports industry. The student area contains links to internship information.
  • With a free membership, you can receive job alerts from this site. If you choose to pay for a premium account, you can search and apply for jobs and post your resume to the site.

Work In Sports

  • This site has features for both subscribers and non-subscribers. Subscribers are able to search the site's job database which has over 1,000 listings. Subscribers are also able to post their resume for free and have access to contact information for over 300 key contacts in 22 leagues and sports-related companies. Non-subscribers are able to view and apply for the featured job of the week, which is listed on the homepage. Non-subscribers can also read the featured article, sign up for the free newsletter, and browse the site's calendar of events, which is located under the resource link at the bottom of the page. Visitors to the site can click on the List of Employers tab and see who is using or has used the site to hire employees.
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Executive Training Sites


Game Face Inc.

  • Game Face Inc. is a leading international sports sales training and career placement company whose clients include Major and Minor League teams, intercollegiate athletics, and international corporations. The Game Face program is a twelve-week academy that teaches sales principles and practices. The academy offers opportunities to represent real clients on a live campaign and develop skills for the sports marketplace. The academy guarantees its graduates that they will receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation. The first ten weeks of the program can be done at home and the last two weeks are at the company's headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon (housing packages with Embassy Suites are available). Not all applicants are accepted into the academy.  An application is available online and consists of three parts: general information, references, and a short essay. There is a list of recent placements online under the executive academy tab.
  • Contact: E-mail (General Questions)
  • Contact: E-mail (Questions concerning the Academy)



Pro Edge Sports Academy

  • The site offers both paid instructional coursework and free daily job listings. Several courses are available and there are several membership options. Courses take 8 weeks to complete and students will receive a certificate of completion after successfully navigating the course. Daily job listings are available for free by entering contact information on the main screen.
  • Contact: General questions

Pro Sports Group

  • This site is an agent-affiliate program that trains people who want to become professional sports agents. The course addresses the role of a sports agent, sports agent rules, regulations, agent registration, agent certification, player signing, collective bargaining agreements, player contracts, league issues, and professional athlete services. It also provides a basis for understanding the development and governance of the sports agent industry and the ethical dimensions of the sports agent industry. The course is an online program that can be completed in as little as 2-6 weeks. Once the initial course is passed, the group meets with class participants individually to discuss the course and the steps that should be taken going forward. Those who complete the course will be given a certificate of completion in pro sports.
  • Contact: E-mail

Sports Management Worldwide

  • SMWW offers numerous sports job training programs to get people started in a sports job or advance their sports career.  Sports Management Worldwide offers courses in athlete management, baseball GM, basketball GM, football GM, hockey GM, cricket management, motor sports management, rugby management, soccer management, athletic director, sports broadcasting, and sports business management. The 8-week online sports business training programs can be taken from anywhere in the world and at one’s own convenience. Students also have the privilege of getting to know prestigious instructors well known in their field of sports expertise.
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